March 13th, 2004

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I'm going to the gym more often now. It struck me recently that one of the reasons I dislike the exercise bike, treadmill, and other cardio equipment is because I get bored to tears repeating the same motion again and again for half an hour. I can't really think clearly when I'm exercising, either. How do you fight the monotony of exercise? Or is this something I'm just to have to get used to.

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when a relative (especially a parent) tells you you look like you have lost weight and they know you are trying, do you believe them or do you think they are just saying it to make you feel better?
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i know this is a horrible question, but ive just got to know.
the gears on a car... what are they for?
now, park, drive and reverse, i understand.
but neutral? low? "3"?
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Have you read Orwell's 1984?

Did it change the way you think about things?

Do you keep seeing similarities between it and real life?

Me: Yes to all three! Especially the concept of constant wars to unite the people behind their leaders. Seems to me we've swapped communists for 'terrorists' as our all-encompassing enemy of choice.

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I have really fine curly hair. What kind of products do you guys/girls with curly hair like mine use? Currently I use fructis Milk and some hairspray and let it dry naturally. The curls are pretty, but slightly fuzzy and they don't last the whole day. I just need something that won't weigh it down, and I can't even use mousse because it gets too crunchy. help!
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where does your name come from? what does is mean? what are you supposed to be like according to your name? is it true?

Claire from the Latin root Clara; a French form of Clara
Claire is a frank person; she has a personality full of fun and mysetery; talented and cheerful, wholesome personality; she is a friend to all she meets; keeps the promisees she makes; she likes being a tease; keeps a positive attitude in all she does; rises above disappointment.

this is me to a t