March 12th, 2004

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My computer can play DVDs on it and I'm wondering, how do you go about making wavs from them? There are some Futurama lines I would kill to be able to use for computer sounds, but websites don't have them the way I want.

Has anyone purchased a flight throug Orbitz before? I just bought one and several days later, noticed that I was charged a $44 fee but I'm not sure why. I didn't realize there was going to be a fee for using it. Is this right or should I dispute it?

Math Stuff

How do I calculate school loans?

If I have, say, 6,000 in debt at 4% interest, and I pay 150 a month, how do I figure out how long it will take to pay it off? What is the math behind it?

Or what if it doesn't give an interest percent but an "interest balance"? As in:

Principle balance: 5,675.25
Interest balance: 6.56

I am trying to make a payment plan for myself to fit with my budget. Any help would be great.


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Do you think when people accuse their tutor/teacher/lecturer being bad at their job do you believe it's true or they're just trying to find an excuse for doing bad in the subject?

At the moment I have a Psychology teacher that is being extremely unhelpful to first time Psychology students carrying out a piece of research. A lot of the people in the class have had their confidence shot to pieces and we're getting very stressed out about it.
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I need to find the name of a Norwegian search engine that was mentioned to me by a Norwegian student. It sounded like 'strokespirer' or something similar. I think it is one of the most popular ones in Norway. Can anyone please tell me what it might have been?


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Can anyone recommend a good loan consolidation place? My current interest rate averages 3.88%, so I would want one below this.

Any website to recommend? I want to get out of debt as quickly as possible.

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I'm in first year engineering, but I'm really unsure about everything that's open to me. However, I love Physics but I doubt I'll be doing any more Physics than I am now when I get into engineering.

Are there any Physics majors out there? If yes, what kind of jobs can you get? Right now I'm thinking that the only option is teaching, and that's not good. Also I'm thinking about car design, who do they hire for those kinds of areas?
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Tea Time? Or Careen Time?

Go to England and get pre-college credit? Or fulfill a dream of going back in time by sailing with a 1700 boat replica in the Caribbean with 7 total strangers and no technology for a month?
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  • kit_n

Please take me seriously.

Okay, for the past few posts you've probably been able to get a good idea about me.. and my obsession with the 1700's and pirates. For the summer, I was originally planning to go England. But then I met someone the other day online. And we soon found out we both have a love of the 1700's and of sailing. He claims to be my age (17) and he even sent me a picture. He told me he's having his own ship built of a replica of the 1700, supposed to look like the Black Pearl (which raises an interesting question of money). He invited me to come down during the summer, and we'd rough it (no technology) on the boat for maybe 2 weeks to a month. We'd make trips that pirates often made.. like Port Royal and Tortuga all in the Caribbean. But then it hit me, doesn't this seem to good to be true? How can I be certain this ship even exists? How do I know he's not some 40 year old man or something? I threatened him with suicide, saying if I ever found out this was all false, I'd do something like that ( of course this isn't true, I just wanted to stress the fact that I don't take this lightly) and he continued to reassure me. Well, I was planning to go down to Orlando anyway this April (he lives in FL), so maybe I could meet up with him and get serious about the trip. Great idea right? But there is yet another problem ... The England program needs to know if I'm coming by March 31, and the earliest I could even go down to FL is April 24th. What do I do? It's my entire dream to go sailing on a ship like that ... but what if it's false, what if he lies, how can I be certain, how do I know? Please help me... I'm so torn.
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Is there any such thing as a full-proof plan?
The person I'm talking to keeps saying full-proof, and I thought he meant fool-proof, so I used the term fool-proof, and then he said it's both a full-proof plan and a fool-proof plan. WTF??

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when you get a sore throat, what do you do to make yourself better?

and for a silly question (and somewhat disturbing), have you ever taken a phone conversation into the bathroom with you?

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does anyone here shop at forever 21? if you don't know what it is already, it's a store in the mall that sells girls' clothes and stuff. has anyone else noticed 'John 3:16' printed on the bottom of their bags? i just saw this today and i am completely baffled.

can anyone explain this? i know what john 3:16 says but why on earth is it on the bottom of a forever 21 bag? does anyone know what's going on? is forever 21 secretly a christian-oriented company and i just didn't know it? why is it there? whyyyyyy?


If you were a hiring manager and you received an application from someone who was completely qualified for the job and had an impeccable posting except for the "Explain why you're the best person for the job" section where he put "My keen fashion sense?" (in addition to a serious answer) would you immediately toss the application in the trash can?

This is hypothetical, of course. I'm almost completely certain that I deleted that part of the answer.
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does anyone know of a cold medicine (specifically, one geared towards congestion and the like) that actually works and (preferably) won't put me to sleep...

that does not contain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine?

epi/pseudoepi make me insane. i get all paranoid and jumpy and twitchy and freaked out, like some kind of speed freak or something. it's really not pretty. but i spent 20 minutes in the cold & flu aisle at A&P today trying to find anything worth taking that didn't contain either, and pbfffftt. nada. even nyquil contains it.

and if you know of anything, please direct me to where i can find it. i'm willing to order it online if need be. wouldn't help me now in the midst of this whatever is kicking my ass, but it'd be good to have on hand.
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