March 11th, 2004

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Have you ever run across the livejournal of someone famous (even mildly famous)?

Do you know anyone famous in real life?

My answers:

I don't know anyone famous in real life (although I have briefly met a couple sorta famous ones), and the only famous person who's journal I've run across is that of Poppy Z. Brite, a sorta famous author from New Orleans.

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What do you have as your wallpaper on your desktop?

On my iMac, I have a mermaid with lots of blue around her, and on my laptop, I have a default stucco pattern because I've been too lazy to find a new wallpaper. :x
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What are those racks called that you hang giant pots and pans from? The kind that hang from the ceiling.

What are those things called that you put into windows that have stained glass in them? The ones where you sprinkle the pieces into the premade designs and heat them in the oven.
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CD player, plants

1. My new CD walkman won't play some tracks on CDs burned on my computer. As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter whether the files were downloaded or copied from disk -- it just spins around and doesn't play the song. They aren't always the same track numbers, either. Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

2. I have a philodendron in my office that's getting out of control. I want to cut off some of the vines and stick them into the soil so they'll grow their own roots. Can I do that, or is there something special they'll need to live?

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have you ever used one of those coinstar (i think that's what they're called??) machines that they have in grocery stores? how do they work? what if you put in $100 worth of quarters? would it really give you back $100?

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Has anyone been to an oxygen bar?
If not, would you?
And what do you think about them?

I've done it once. I might do it again but I'm not sure how beneficial it is. It felt pretty good the night I went but the after effects seem to wear off pretty quickly.
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For the summer, I'd like to live like a Pirate. I am SURE there has to be a few groups out there that set sail in a galleon with no advance technology, and live on the boat for like.. a month. Can you help me find such a program?
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notes stand?

Hey, guys. I'm looking to buy something to hold my notes up while I type them... does anyone know what this would be called? I think looking for one would be easier if I knew what to call it. If you know what I'm talking about, anyone know where I can get one? I'm hoping I can get one that's not too expensive, perhaps under $20. Thanks in advance!
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I think this is an interesting project.

Could you go for seven days and seven nights without saying any negative word about another person? Without calling another human any name other than their own for one week?