March 10th, 2004

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My boyfriend changed my monitor's flash rate to 85, and now I hear this constant high pitched whirring from it... Is this related? It's getting rather painful. How can I get rid of it?
leave your turntable on

I am so bad.

Have you ever gotten banned from a message board?

I got banned from a fan board for cussing too much a few years ago. And today, I got banned from Television Without Pity, for reasons I don't feel like discussing right now.

If you got banned, what happened?
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random//my dumb face

For all you doll lovers (or people with kids)

I know nothing about Barbie's, but I recently bought a doll whose body is basically the same as a Barbie's body. I am not fond of Barbie clothes, but some of the My Scene stuff isn't too bad.

Question: Can regular Barbies wear My Scene clothes? An ebay auction said that My Scene Barbies could wear regular Barbie clothes, but that doesn't necessarily mean it goes both ways, and auctions lie anyway.

(I'm particularly interested in the shoes. I could probably repaint some of them to be decent.)
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I've been Googling this problem, but haven't had much luck. I'm not really sure what to search for, so...

In Windows XP, can you change some sort of setting so that when I change my start menu (move things around, delete things), it won't change on anyone else's desktop? Or is this just innate uncoolness on XP's part that I won't be able to change without serious hacking? I hate having all of my dad's games in there, and whenever I remove them, he puts them back, because we're both too stubborn to solely rely on the Quick Start menu.

Confused kids

I'm curious what sorts of crazy mixed up word things you thought when you were a kid.

When I was little, I thought that "grilled cheese sandwiches" were "girled cheese sandwiches," and I could never understand why the boys were allowed to eat them too.

What were some of your mix ups?

inspired by the PHP question...

How many of you (or of people you know in general) actually do websites, and understand HTML etc? What about PHP, Javascript, and other languages?

It's fascinating to see obscure programming stuff coming up in general question groups as if it's just a part of everyday life now...
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with all these ratings communities and all why hasn't someone created a rating community that would be very "beneficial" to folks in other rating communities?

Yes folks, in other words, why isn't their a "Rate My Snobbery" community?

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Help? Please?

I just recently got Pirates of The Caribbean DVD. I hear there are bonus features when loaded onto the computer. I've tried putting both discs into several computers to try and see them. You can hear the hard-drive working, and a CD image will flash near the curser... but nothing more than that happens.
=( Help.
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urban canyon

Chicago cemetary question

The old cemetary on the south side of Irving Park at Clark in Chicago is for sale.

$1,350,000 for the two lots together. You get about 93,000 square feet of land in the deal. And who knows how many bodies.

Can you imagine trying to sell the units if you built on that spot? I would think even people who don't believe in ghosts would have second thoughts.

The listing says "or keep as a cemetary." Why would anyone want to buy and hold a really, really old cemetary that probably doesn't have any plots left? Any ideas? Anyone?

i'm sick!!

last friday my (twin) sister was told by her doctor she
had strep throat. (she got her antibiotics & is feeling a lot
better now...)
now i feel like crap. but i don't think i have strep (i don't
really have any of these tell-tale signs of strep.
i hate doctors. does anyone have an idea of what i could have?
-monday, i woke up with a real sore throat. now its better but
still slightly irritated.
-whenever i cough, its really harsh - it feels like i have a
lot of crap (aka phlegm) in my lungs
-i'm having difficulty breathing & when i inhale my lungs
make this extremely weird crackling/wheezing noise


MSN and things

I deleted a contact on my MSN list.. .am not sure if that person deleted me or not... I noticed today that the contact is still on my list, but shows up seperately... anyone know why?
Love - Chinese Symbol [my tattoo]

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Does anyone wanna help me out by answerin a few questions? Pretty please?! =)

I have a project due after my spring break and I need as many responses as possible

Be completely truthful =)

[List as many/few as you want]


Things I will never understand about the opposite sex:

If they changed these things, then it would be easier:

Things I like/love about the opposite sex:

Thank you to those who commented =)
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I want to post in my college's LiveJournal community asking anyone if they're looking for a roommate for next semester, and I want to say something funny, but I'm not funny, so can anyone think of something funny for me to say? Thank you!!

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Does anyone else have their cartilege pierced? I have three and they all still hurt. I got one done last May, and the other two in Sept/Oct, somewhere in there...They are all still really painful and uncomfortable and bothersome but I don't want to take them out. The woman who did my second two said hers hurt for 2 years. Her coworker said that hers stopped hurting after a week. Is there anything I can do to make them feel better? Without taking them out? Could I be sensitive to something in the earring itself of the metal backing? Could switching to a rubber backing or a pure silver backing make any difference?
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