March 9th, 2004

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What is the difference between the Shi'a and the Shi'ites? (The Muslim religious sect[s]). At first I thought "Shi'ite" was an adjective and "Shi'a" was the noun, but I've heard them used interchangeably, so now I'm not so sure. Does anyone know/know how I could find out?

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To all you married folk: What is the biggest difference between you and your mate? Is this a area of contention for you? Are there any major ethical, intellectual, or spiritual things that you two disagree on? If so, how do you reconcile them?
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Let's say your hungry right? But you don't eat ... if you wait it out, the hunger disappears. You're body still craves food, so why does it do this?
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One more.

What do the different initials mean when writing to a txt file with PHP? I know of 'a', 'w' and 'r'

Are there more? What do they do?
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Are there any other satellite companies besides Dish Network and Direct TV? We have Dish Network, and they're in a dispute with CBS and MTV right now so a bunch of our channels are blacked out. Direct TV costs too much so I'm looking for another provider. Any suggestions?
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Can anyone give me any EXACT details on the Martha Stewart case? says thus:

"The panel of eight women and four men found Stewart, 62, guilty of conspiracy, obstruction and two counts of lying to investigators for covering up the circumstances surrounding her Dec. 27, 2001, stock trade of biotech company ImClone. Her well-timed sale came a day before the FDA made public its decision to reject the application for a cancer drug manufactured by ImClone, and just after learning that the company's CEO, Sam Waksal, was dumping $7.5 million worth of his stock."

Are there any particulars about the lies in question? And, I take it, this isn't about the actual act of insider trading, just lies surrounding it?