March 7th, 2004

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I need a hobby. I really do. Maybe I'll walk Minnie tomorrow or give Diego a bath if it's not cold or maybe I'll read, but you can't spend all day reading or walking a dog or bathing one for that matter.

Suggestions of things I can do now without having to go out and buy anything because I'm broke? Anything would be welcome.
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Say It Ain't So

I used to have a paid Livejournal account and have 15 icons from that. If I delete an icon with the intention of changing it to another, will I be able to do that or will I be blocked and my allowance revert to 14?

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For ye buccaneers

1. Is Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean) a character that has any historical evidence that he may have actually existed?

2. Is it.. Care-a-be-in or Ca-rib-be-in?

3. Was there ever any female pirates in real life?

And totally non-pirate related....

4. Has anyone ever read the book/seen the movie PROZAC NATION? Is it any good?
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A Question of Conscience

Until a month ago, as you may have picked up, I worked for a large corporation which had better remain nameless. Let's just say there's a high probability you're using one of their products now.
They made me redundant last year: no hard feelings, as I had taken the job knowing it might not last, and I was tired of all the commuting. Also, they gave me a good (ish) severance pay. For a few months, I carried on working for the same corporation on a freelance basis, from home, and I convinced them that this would be much easier if I could have the PC I used to use in the office - it's faster, has XP installed, stuff like that.
Any way, here's the point: I stopped working for them, even in this capacity, a month ago. They're supposed to arrange to have the PC couriered back to them, and I have reminded them twice that I've got it. I also offered to buy it, as I've been using it as my home PC and it has a load of files, email and photos on it that it would be a pain to delete - plus my old PC is crap. I reckon there's only one guy who knows I've got it (or cares) and he's so busy that if I don't push the point, he's almost certainly not going to remember.
So the temptation is clear - keep the PC. They're a big company, it's not going to hurt them... But, I also have a conscience, albeit a highly annoying one, which is urging me to get on the phone and arrange that courier. I must say, though, that its voice is becoming quieter over time...
OK, I think I know what you are going to say - but do feel free to surprise me.

Should I send the PC back to my old place of work?

Of course you should - what are you, a thief?
Of course not, are you some kind of lunatic?
I'm not sure - I'd be as confused as you are.
I have a further suggestion, which I will expound upon in a comment.

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i am developing a serious food problem. im obsessing. its riduculous... i havent stopped eating since i woke up this morning. i can stop thinking about food, lol. i cant walk away from the pantry for 10 minutes without realizing that id rather be stuffing my face, and then doing so.
yea, okay... i have shitty dealing skills. and food is comfort and distraction and indulgence and it freakin tastes good...
now i know that "working through issues" and getting to "the root of the problem" is ideal, sure. but thats not really gonna work.
so what im asking for, is something else to obsess over. i need a vice that wont make me fat or make me bleed or make other people upset. lol.. a healthy vice, i suppose...would you call that an oxymoron?
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Does anyone know of a quick and easy way of transfering MSN contacts to a new MSN Messenger name? I really don't want to have to sit and write down every single address on paper!
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