March 6th, 2004

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Has the future already happened? How will we know if a time machine is ever invented if no one from the future is visiting us? And if someone from the future visits our past, will history books be rewritten or will it just never have been written down? And if they won't be rewritten, then what's the point? Do you think someone did invent a time machine and went to the past and something was already rewritten, but since no one said anything about a "time machine," we think it's just how it always was?

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I have big puffy eyelids from crying all night, and today I have a formal wedding to go to.

Any ideas for getting rid of puffy eyes?
ive tried 'anti shadow eye cream' and im about to try a cold shower....

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What is the book The Da Vinci Code about?

I don't want any spoilers, just a general idea of the plot and what sort of book it is (eg - thriller, mystery, dramatic, etc.).

For Mercy or For Glorification

Did Jesus come to save us and by this glorified God?


Did Jesus come to glorify God and by this we received salvation?


Please don't simply respond with thoughts, but scriptural reference, eliminating blind belief.

Debate, but please keep it clean, civil.

The idea for this post came from this thread.

Ready ... set ... debate (discuss)! ☺


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What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome? Can you get it from crocheting? I crochet a lot, and I notice that after a couple of hours worth (no, I don't have a life, thanks for asking) I find that my left wrist (the one that I use to yarn over and stuff, it does a lot of turning) starts to hurt and when I move it around, it snaps and tingles a little, very unpleasantly...Is there some sort of stabilizing thingamajig or other that could help? Is there something besides carpal tunnel that I could end up with because of this?
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credit cards

I am completely dumb when it comes to credit cards, but I think that I need to get one.

The problem is that I know nothing about any terms or whatnot. This is going to be my very first credit card (I'm 20, and way overdue for one, I know) so I need it to be something that doesn't have any kind of hidden fees.

Could somebody who knows credit cards take a look at this for me and tell me if it's a good deal? I don't think it says it on there, but it's for a Bank One Platinum Visa® Card.

Thank you in advance!

(sorry for the crossposting)

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My kitten, who I've so adoringly named Bing, is acting rather peculiar lately. His usual attitude towards me is that I'm his favorite person ever. He can't get enough of me. He follows me from room to room, meowing for me when he doens't know where I am, and sleeping right beside close I can hear his little heartbeat. But, it seems like every once and awhile (it actually seems like only weekends) he won't let me near him. Hell, he won't let anyone near him. He hides underneath the stairs in the basement, and hisses when someone tries to go near him. I went down there tonight trying to find him, and he dug his claws into the wood (he was sitting on a shelf under the stairs) and howled like I was trying to kill him. So, I left him alone and came back upstairs. I was sitting the the computer, and then he decided to come back up here. I was sitting here, and he was beside I turn to pick him up and he turns around and runs away so fast that he runs into the banister by the stairs. He's been down there ever since. This is the third time he's done this. The first was when we first got him in September, and the second time was exactly a week ago. Any advice/suggestions?

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My friend just tried to convince me that a "cousin equals anyone that's anything but straight up the family tree (excluding siblings)." His example was that your aunt or uncle could be considered your cousin. I've never heard of this before. So, is he crazy, or is this true?
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There's this japanese food I've seen... it consists of three balls of some substance on a stick. One ball in pink, one is white, and one is green. Anyone know what that is and what it's made of?