March 4th, 2004


You're going to have to be old like me to know this one:
I'm trying to remember the name of a 1980's movie. It starts with a guy who's working selling some kind of wax on the beach and his buddy working a burger joint. They quit their jobs and decide to start their own buisness teaching guys how to pick up girls. Three hardcore nerds give them a bunch of money to just give them lessons every day and the main guys is trying to hide it from the girl he's fallen for and bla bla bla.
I used to watch it on Cinemax all the time and I can't think of the name to save my life. Someting with summer or beach in the title? I'm sure it's out of print but I'd like to try and find it on eBay... if I could get the name.

sex change...

ok...ive asked a lot of people this question, and no one really knows...hopefully someone can answer it...

if someone has a sex change, are they still able to get off?

if not, why would someone even want to have the sex change in the first place if they could never get off again?
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Does he own anything else?

Has anyone ever seen Steve Irwin wearing something other than his regular "Crocodile Hunter" clothes? o_O If so, do you have a picture?

(Brought on by the episode of one of his various shows I watched last night, where he wore his "normal" clothes to a fancy award ceremony.)
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i'm helping my friend plan an earth day celebration at her college.
she asked me to come up with prizes for contests/games/etc.
can you think of anything inexpensive, relating to earth day, that i could suggest to her??
thanks so much.

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okay, so there's this movie. it starts out with this brother and sister playing with a ouija board. she asks who she's gonna marry, and the board gives her this name. Flash to many years later. The girls probably in her 20's. She gets a phone call (or maybe it's a message on an answering machine) from this guy with the same name. He says he's going to paris, so she flies to paris, and she asks the first guy she meets if he's _____________, and he says he is. They sleep together, and while in bed, he says, can i tell you something, she says yes, he says, i'm not ___________. so this movies like probably made in the past 20 years or so...


p.s. if you think it might be the movie, but you need a little more of the story, just let me know...

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what's a fun, interesting topic i could do a persuasive speech on for my public speaking class?

my last two speeches were on serious topics, and i wanna do something less heavy for this one. thanks in advance.

You guys are so useful :D

If anyone here speaks or is learning Russian: Is there a way to know where to put an accent on a word. Any rule for it?

I'm currently teaching myself Russian ( because my school doesn't have a Russian class, and it's too late to sign up for college classes) and the book I'm using doesn't really help. The only library in the (small) town I live in only has Russian/English dictionaries and that won't do me any good. I thought it would be better to ask you all than going an hour of the way to go to a decent library, :)

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this kind of goes along with lonliprnces's question.

im in need of a serious topic for either an informative or a persuasive speech. something i can speak on for atleast four minutes.

the teacher doesnt want something boring and overdone like smoking, abortion, or drunk driving.

any ideas?