March 3rd, 2004

Papi da Puppy!


-blushes- I'm so immature. ^.^


Does anybody have any old neopets accounts they are willing to give to me?

I haven't played in a while.

I don't want to make a new one because I don't want a newbie status. :/
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Cats & Depression???

Is it possible for a cat to have depression? Because I think my cat, MacBeth, has it. But it might just be my imagination, so I wanted to know if there was a such thing as a cat having depression.
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Tax returns

Is there any way to find out the status of your tax return money? I mailed my information in over 3 weeks ago and I chose the direct deposit option...I'm just wondering how long it's going to take?
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literature ponderings

in world lit class, we've moved into the wonderful world of medieval literature. yay. professor harrison describes beowulf as a typical (or classical, not sure which) germanic adventure story. he read a bit from lotr: two towers to show that tolkien used this type as the basis for his books. we've already been through the sumerian adventure story of gilgamesh and the greek iliad. cultures seem to be defined in their adventure stories. (a note: i'm a little wary of using the term 'epic poem' here. harrison was saying they aren't all epic poems...i'm still a little confused, so i just use 'adventure story'.) what are the typical styles of other cultures? i'm sure at the very least, china has their own to cover stories like romance of the three kingdoms.

between my lit class and my religion class, i've been reevaluating what i consider 'great literature'. or more accurately, i've been looking backwards. instead of looking at how the culture makes the literature, i've been seeing how the literature is indicative of the culture it came from. i don't know how exactly, but i find literature more enjoyable when i see it as a piece of the cultural puzzle rather than an end product. so my question is (and it's a biggie), what works are considered the best literature for the different cultures and eras? for example, lady murasaki's tale of genji for feudal japan, the arthurian romances for early medieval england, cervantes' don quixote for renaissance spain. would you agree with my choices? do you include religious texts (as i would) in with the works of great literature or would you keep it separate?
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Has anyone used the Motorola T720 for any length of time? I'm looking for people's opinions on this phone, because I'm currently using a loaner phone and I'm sure I ought to return it to them within a week. I've heard that Motorolas in general aren't very good, durability-wise, and the battery life on this cellphone apparently stinks. (I've been scouring the internet for the past few hours, but I'm definitely looking for more info and input from people who have used this phone or other Motorolas.)

I have used two Qualcomms, the 2035 and the 3225, and the LG VX3100 (though that was for two days.) The 3225 is the love of my life, but it can't hold a signal in my driveway as I'm apparently in a fringe area for my cellular service provider. I was told that I could get out of my contract because I'm just not getting service. I'd rather try and stick with Alltel, because I have a shared family plan, but other service providers are beginning to look good.
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(no subject)

does anyone think that just sitting there with a spoon in front of your computer eating a can of frosting is disgusting?

because erin seems to think so. i beg to differ.
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So, today I finally got the grade for my biology test back. I did better than I had thought. I think it may have had something to do with the fact the test was a multiple choice.
My question to you: Do you think that multiple choice tests accurately ....evaluate your knowledge on the subject you're being tested on?

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I have to do a presentation at uni on my favourite e-business website....
i know its meant to be my favourite, but a good one would help..

any ideas?

something original, i think everyone will do ebay and amazon etc.

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After you chew Big Red gum, do you find your tongue is screwed up/irritated for a day or two afterwords? Or am I alone in this?

It's been bugging me all day. Nothing tastes right. (If at all.)
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