March 2nd, 2004

shooting star...

i have a small homemade heart tattoo on my hand, that i stupidly did a few years back...It looks horrible...I want to cover it up with a shooting star, I have searched and searched for a decent looking shooting star...does anyone have any ideas where I could find a cute little shooting star?

time question for US citizens

If a show comes on at 5/4 central, does that mean it comes on at 3 mountain time?

I saw an ad that something was on 5 eastern and pacific, which would mean it's on 4 central (I moved from an eastern zone to a central zone, so I know this is right), but when would the same show air in mountain time?

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for film studies, i have to write a paper comparing 2 movies either by the same director or within the same genre. what 2 movies would you reccomend? please note that scary movies give me the heebie-jeebies.
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Hi, I am a current student at the Bronx Highschool of Science, age 16 (17 soon) and a junior (11th grade). I am aiding in the creation of the Woman’s First Please- The First Women’s Engineering Club of Bronx Science. We currently have a co-ed engineering team, but the females who have shown up to it felt uncomfortable. This is a project that a number of students and a teacher will try to succeed in. I was just wondering if anyone knew how i can get funding for something like this. I am sure there are organizations and/or groups who would be willing to make some sort of donation or were atleast willing to support this. Any kind of information would help.
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Update on International Women's Day at SUNY Oswego

I have the menu all planned out. We're having cinnamon-nutmeg hot chocolate, black forest cake, gazpacho, and English tea sandwiches. We were going to originally have crepes suzettes with raspberries instead of the tea sandwiches but we have a bit of a budget for this event. I wish we can do more for this day. Anyways I'm working on making up some handouts on some womyn-run organizations like Madre, Gabriela Network, Women in Black, and Bat Shalom. Anybody know of any others? I want to make a handout of organizations working for women all over the globe in activism.