March 1st, 2004

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Are the coils in hairdryers supposed to turn bright orange? The one I'm using now, because I think I burnt the other one to its death, turns bright orange immediately and then they stop glowing after a couple of minutes. I don't want to burn this one out too if I can help it. But, I never noticed the one I broke turn orange before.
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Why is it that when you get your ears pierced at a mall boutique, they give you an alcohol solution to put on them, but when you go to a tattoo parlor for a piercing they give you antibacterial soap? I'm talking pretty much any ear cartilage piercing...I've gotten piercings from both places in recent weeks, and actually, I would be rather glad to just have to use one product if possible...
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I know this is going to seem weird, but...

I hate my boobs. They're really huge and I would do anything to downplay them. Anyone have any idea where I can find a good minimizing bra, or another way to make me look less big? And where can I get a good but inexpensive sports bra?
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Fitness question

Lately, I've been trying to work out to get in shape for the upcoming summer.

My problem is this: I've been pretty good at keeping myself motivated. I've been switching between 2 workout tapes - one is a belly-dancing/aerobics video that's tons of fun. The other is Abs of Steel.

Pushing aside how obnoxious I find the host of that particular tape to be, I've also come to find out that the video just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm not sore after the workouts and I don't feel like I'm making ANY progress towards toning my abs.

So my questions are the following:

1. What are some good and CHEAP exercises to do to strengthen and tone your abs? Minus the usual crunches, reverse crunches, etc.

2. What tape or workout in particular do you recommend to someone who's trying to strengthen and tone her abdominal area?

3. How can I continue to push myself to tone up that area? I would do more crunches and stuff than I normally do, but then I go and get all lazy and stop before I think I should.

Thank you all in advance. :)
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i know this is kind of an annoying question

there are some songs on my computer at school that i really like but have no clue what they are. they're all listed as electronic, but other than that i have no information except song titles. the first one is called 'stop' and has the following lyrics

hey boy now just listen to me
stop playing with me you're not funny
completely fed up with your bore
can't take your nagging anymore

i was head over heels in love
don't get your knickers in a ?????
??i should to tell you where to get out??

then there's a song called maple drive, which is a remix of the rainbow bright song. there's an instrumental called 'lasers' and then a song called 'forever' which simply has the lyrics
forever young, i want to be forever young
do you really want to live forever?
live forever, forever, and ever

i've googled these to no end but without success. has anyone heard any of these songs before? i realize they could just be random homemade mp3s, but if you think you might know who they're by... it would be greatly appreciated.
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I drink a Pepsi a day at work and have accumulated 4 of those "free song downloads" from I-Tunes. My beef with this is that I downloaded I-Tunes onto my computer and 1 of the free songs, my media player (Windows Media Player 9.0) REFUSES to play the song I downloaded. I checked to make sure I picked the right options on the I-Tunes, and I'm not a complete computer idiot, I wonder who else has experienced this difficulty and how did you solve it?


My brain appears not to be working at the moment. Should I use affect or effect? The sentence is "... will not have a positive _______ on ...".
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One for all you housewives / househusbands

A laundry question for the many millions of folk who are more accomplished at housework than I am.

I've seen a friend boil teatowels in bleach to get them truly clean. Does anyone know
-how much bleach to use?
-how long to boil?
-whether I need to do this in a pan I won't be cooking food in again, because bleach is a poison?

Also, does anyone know a good way of removing accumulated deodorant stains from the armpits of shirts? No matter how many times I wash certain shirts, the deodorant stains stay. I wear the shirt and it stays fresh for about an hour and then the old deodorant starts to smell, and it's a bit sour.

Thanks, all!

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What is the gas prices around your region?

The reason that I ask is because I'm not sure if it is just California that is getting the outrageous gas prices, but I suspect not...

For a gallon of gas around my area, the medium price of the three classes fall around $2.30-$2.40
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Gizmo question

Has anyone ever heard of Nike Philips MP3 players?
Do they suck?

Now does anyone know the difference between 'em? I'm staring at ACT200, 210, 400..
I'd like a mp3 cd player..are these guys it? I dont want of those tiny little things that holds mp3's..I want something that can hold cd's, yah know?

Thanks for the feedback.
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I got my wisdom teeth pulled a week ago today. My cheeks did get puffy but they seemed to be decreasing in size. But today, when I woke up my right side is bigger than it ever has been. I don't think it's an infection because I don't have a fever, and there is no discharge or anything. I don't know if this is related or not... but by Saturday my muscles started to ache. Which would seem common since your body has just undergone a sort of trauma. But it wasn't a normal muscle ache. It only hurt if you put pressure on the area, I could stretch and walk etc without problems ... but for example getting dressed and taking showers were.. and still are painful. I don't think it's from any of my medications, since I am just basically on antibiotics (penicillin) and mortrin(which is interesting because it's anti-inflammatory and yet it looks like I've been beaten with a bat).
Any ideas what's wrong?
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