February 29th, 2004


Physics question...

Ok, if I have a capacitor in which I know the capacitance, and then I insert a dielectric with a capacitance constant deal of 3. However, the dielectric only takes up 1/3 of the space between the plates. Does it have any effect on the capacitance? Like, does the 1/3 and the 3 just cancel out to give the original capacitance? Or, do you just times 3 by the original capacitance to get the new capacitance?

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leaf and fire

Random laundry question.

Is there a good way to keep permanent marker (Sharpie-type) from fading off a t-shirt in the wash? Basically, of making sure that it IS permanent? I have a signed shirt that I'd actually like to wear, but not if the signature's going to come off.
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  • libram

(no subject)

Why can't I play .swf files? I've gone to the Macromedia site and installed the Flash and Shockwave players, but my system still says it can't find a program to play the files. I tried searching manually, but I'm not sure where to look (there's no separate folder for Flash or Shockwave). Help?

Your handwriting

What is your handwriting like? Do you think your handwriting has any 'unusual' qualities to it?

The reason I ask this is because many people comment on how small I write ( I take up about 1/4 of the line (height-wise) on college ruled paper) and how it's unusual for me to cross my Z's, 7's and 0's...and occasionally my S's (because they look so much like my 5's.) Do you think it's 'unusual' for me to write as I do?

Also.. Do you wear glasses? Are they reading glasses or do you wear them because you're nearsighted? Farsighted? As for me..I'm farsighted, but really only wear glasses for reading.
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  • 45mph

Hmm again.

Why is the 734 # in Michigan for the Post-by-Phone thing out of service? Do they know? How would someone tell them?
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Paw pring

(no subject)

What makes hair go grey?
And does the whole peice go at once?

I swear I pick them out when ever I see them, but it seems like they come out of no where. No grey root growing in to make a grey hair. It just goes from brown to grey over night. I am not old enough for this 24 is too young for greys!!!


I made a post a while back about diet pills, and the fact that I was considering them for weight loss. Now I'm being harassed by a person in this community because of my views, and I don't think that I should be criticized so harshly in a community because of a statement such as the one I made. I'm being called "vain" and an "idiot" because I am possibly considering them. If you want to tell me your personal opinions, go ahead, but I don't think I should be attacked and put down because of what I did. I think this is extremely rude, don't you? Does this go against some sort of community policy?
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tank girl

How do I get it off?

Alright..everyone knows all those cute little avatars everyone's making?
Yeah well..I made the perfect one. Only to realize I dont know how to safe it or nuffin.
Its all in Spanish and I'm like.. "O.o" Whu?
So how do I save it as a jpg file or anything of the sort?

In case no one knows; http://www.dookyweb.com/index.php?seccion=avatars

Another question; How long does henna stay on the skin? And when it does come off..just it smudge off? Is it safe on the face? I just dont want something that will turn into this reddish blob on my face and then not come off for weeks. Thankies..

(no subject)

Anyone know any examples of allusions to technology?
Or how to allude to technology?

If they're quotes from a source (ie book, magazine, newspaper), I'd greatly appreciate it if you could leave the source as well!

(no subject)

okay, you all know you watch Dr Phill... at least on occasion.

well, in case you dont, its his philosophy that who a person is is made up by approx. 10 defining moments in their life?

what would your 10 (or 7 or 5 or 3) be?
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