February 28th, 2004


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When you click "save target as" is there any way that you can change the file type? I'm trying to save video clips, but its not working. I'm not sure if there is any way for it to work or if I'm just wasting my time. I'm trying to used the virtualdub program, and i googled for help, and checked the website.
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::really whiney cranky tone::

why do i keep waking up so earrrrrly?

its 17. what happened to sleeping in til noon? 8:00! come on!
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i did a whole lot of henna on my friend yesterday, and my fingers and hands are pretty stained. plus the smells is really getting to me.
any tips for making it all go away?
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Hey, for those who know about fanfiction/fanfiction.net -

Okay, so I'm a fanfic writer, but my muses of the moment are some real people. A minor league hockey team, the Youngstown Phantoms (www.youngstownphantoms.com). And I wrote a fanfic about two of the guys. I think I got their personalities and it turned out pretty good.

The question is, should I post it at fanfiction.net (a fanfiction site) under "original"? Would it be considered an original? As long as I give out disclaimers, would it be alright? You think anyone will turn it in to the Phantoms themselves and I'd get in trouble.

Or it is just not worth risking getting in trouble for?
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Baby Shower

What does a person wear to a baby shower? And what exactly goes on at one?

I've never been to one before, and I just got invited because a teacher I work with is pregnant. I'm not too much of a girly girl so I'm a little bit intimidated/confused.
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I never knew trying to buy a car would be this difficult. My mother and father are going insane and it's the most frustrating thing ever. So, I was wondering if you guys could settle the debate between us?

We are in the market for a used car for a 16 year old girl's first car ever. We are looking for under $10,000. I know it might depend on the features but I also know I can't be picky and choosey. Anyways, mother wants me to get something Japanese, like a Toyota. And I saw this Ford with my dad that I really liked. The only thing is that mother will have to pay for maintenance repairs and servicing and such, and she thinks Fords are crappy, especially for that. But my Dad says that Fords are awesome and blah blah blah. The thing is, whatever car I get has to last me at least through the next six years with me through college... so, do you have any opinions to offer? At least about fords to shut one of them up? Thanks. I'd appreciate it. :-)
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Lesson planning

First, some background information. I'm a teacher. I'm starting a unit in my social studies class (grade 10) called Canadian Government and Politics (I live in Alberta, Canada). I thought up a great way to introduce it. I'm going to do Social Studies Survivor. I'm going to set them up with a scenario where the class is on a cruise ship in the South Pacific and then it sinks and they get in life boats (room for 4 people on each life boat) and float to the nearest island. Each life boat ends up on a different island (i.e. there are 4 islands with 4 people on each island). While they are exploring the island, their boats get washed away. On each island there is running water, many different kinds of fruit trees, and lots of palm trees. There's also fish in the ocean around each island. So then each group has to decide what decisions would have to be made, what rules must be made, and how these decisions and rules would be made. After the group comes up with the answers to those questions, I am going to present some situations to them and then they'd have to decide what to do based on the rules and decisions they'd made. For example: "One of the members in your group eats your entire stash of harvested fruit. What do you do?" or "One of the members of your group wanders off on his/her own. The rest of the group spends the entire day looking for him. You finally find him sleeping under a palm tree. What do you do?" and "One of the members of your group orders the rest of the group around, making you catch fish all day. What do you do?" And that kind of thing. So, for example, if one of their rules was "Food shall be shared equally between all members of the group" and their method of enforcement is "Any breach of rules will result in the rule breaker not being permitted to join the rest of the group for supper that night", their response to a scenario like "One group member steals all the food" would be to disallow that person from sharing supper with them. I'm trying to come up with scenarios that might be analogous to rules that we have in North American society. Like, you know: don't steal, don't kill people, don't hurt people, etc. And responsibilites of citizens, too, like voting, paying taxes, respecting one's country, etc. Can you think up some other good desert island scenarios that would be analogies for something that laws would protect against in a formal society?
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Even though I have a boyfriend and am happy with him, I'm always jealous when any of my guy friends have girlfriends.
Does anybody else experience this?
Does anybody have any idea why I could be experiencing this?
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Why, hello :D

Hello, hello everyone. :D I've been watching this community for a little bit and found that you guys asked some pretty interesting questions and decided to join in on the action.
My first question will be..

I've been thinking about this for a while now...if a woman were to run for president, do you think that many women ( or men ) would vote for her just because she is a woman?
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Cheap greeting cards online?

So everyone has probably seen the Hallmark commercial where the lady is having friends over and she steps into the kitchen for a minute...overhears her friends talking about birthdays, anniversaries, babies, etc...and just happens to have the right cards thanks to her handy dandy stockpile in the cupboard, right?

Well, that lady is my hero. I want to be just like her. Always prepared. So I nearly crapped my pants when I went into Hallmark and actually saw the organizer for sale.


However, I'm not about to take out a bank loan to stockpile my organizer with expensive Hallmark cards...and I'm really too lazy to run around town shopping...

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good online shop where I can find INEXPENSIVE unique greeting cards...

Thanks in advance.
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IP addresses

ok, maybe this question has already been asked before, but i am fairly new to this community, so i was wondering... i know that IP address identify a person's internet provider, allowing you to know where they come from (for example, we can track the IP here in comments). but once you've got someone IP address, what do you do to know where it comes from? are there some search engines, programs, that allow you to type in an IP address and then get what it stands for?


If you're of voting age and you didn't know anything about the candidates for an upcoming election, what would you do?

1. vote for whoever you think might be all right based on what you remember hearing around
2. don't vote this time -- it's better to not vote than to vote wrong
3. do crash research for a couple hours then vote based on what you just figured out -- it's better than not voting at all

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Low wages in foreign countries?

I see a lot of "they only make 2 bucks a week, these poor southeast asian workers are victims of our economy"

But rarely, if ever, is there even the slightest discussion of how much living expenses amount to in these countries. 2 bucks a week may well be quite a bit more, relative to the cost of living, than wages in the US. That could change the issues involved completely. Of course, quality of life and cultural expectations about the "good life" are relevant issues as well.

So, my question is, does anyone know of any websites that actually compare the wages that so many people think are inhumane to the cost of living in these areas? And bring in something about the quality of life and cultural practices and beliefs about a quality life in these areas?