February 27th, 2004


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so this question goes out to all you crazy brits... ;o) just kidding. but in all seriousness....

if you live/have lived in london or the surrounding areas, what is the cost of living? that is, does it cost a lot to live in that area relative to the potential income (we're teachers).

to those of you who live in/near montreal and toronto - same question.

thanks! :o)
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Party foods

Yeah, me again... party stuff again
this time it's food

On the menu I have a veggie tray, shuplies (meat mixed with onion, garlic, & soya sauce wrapped in dough & deep fried), mini pizza rolls, chicken soup, chips, drinks galore, & maybe a sandwich tray.

Any suggestions for anything else that would go over well?

& also, does anyone know any good recepies for veggie dip? I want to make a few different dips, but I'm having a hard time finding recepies.
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what are five literary works that you consider to be definitive of your life?

-autobiography of my mother - jamaica kincaid
-the rum diary - hunter s. thompson
-the adolescent - dostoevsky
-my secret history - paul theroux
-the world according to garp - john irving
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Slang question

The boat left and I wasn't on the boat... I think this one is fairly recent, but I somehow missed it and now I have no idea what it means when people say "and how!"

For example, here

So, what does it mean?
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Considering the uproar over The Passion, about the excrutiating death of Christ, I thought of an interesting question. This is addressed to all of you who consider yourself Christians.

Suppose Jesus opted for an easier death, where he wasn't lashed or beaten or tortured. Suppose he just was just led out of his jail cell and beheaded, with no other pain involved whatsoever. Would you still feel as fervant in your belief that Jesus suffered and died for your sins? Does the manner of his death have a lot to do with his commitment to us as a savior?

Suppose they just threw Jesus into the sea and he drowned, with no bloodshed involved at all, and kind of a mundane death that thousands experience every year. If his death wasn't so painful and relatively unique/rare, would you still be as moved that he supposedly did it for all mankind?

Explain, as I kind of think that part of the overall appeal of Jesus' death was that it was so epic. We're drawn to, and impressed by people who live strongly and die violently. Lincoln and Kennedy are two of the most famous presidents in US history, and both were assassinated in office, and they're both considered two of the best presidents ever. Eisenhower and Roosevelt were also great presidents, but I think that because they didn't die by assassin's bullets, they won't attain nearly the same notariety as those other two.

What do you think?

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i have googled this to no end, so please help:
i have this remote. (a One For All URC4330 Big Easy
Remote Control for TV, VCR or DVD
and this dvd player. (a Pioneer DV-626D).

can anyone tell me where i can go to find
some codes so i can program the remote
to work with the player? my dvd player
remote broke, and i threw out the instruction
book (with all the codes) that came w/
the 3-in-1 remote.

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I would really like to know...

What do you guys do for fun at night? (Besides going out to drink, clubbing, and to the movies...what else is there?)

heheh...maybe I'm asking the wrong crowd...if you are also in on this Friday night. ;)

Okay...if you aren't really a night person, what do you do for fun when there is still light out?
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