February 26th, 2004


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My computer's been acting a little wonky lately, so I uninstalled a few programs. I also accidentally uninstalled something called 'CasProg'.

It's still running fine, but when I restarted, I had a pop up that told me the computer had successfully uninstalled CasProg.

Is this important for running WinXP? Have I completely screwed up my computer?

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Where do drugs come from?
Things like dope and magic mushrooms can pretty much be grown by anyone, but what about the chemical ones, the ones that have to be specifically made like E or LSD? The police only ever seem to go after dealers, I’m sure some dealers have a bit of a place in making the pills, mixing, etc. but who actually makes them and how do they get away with doing it? Are all drugs pure from the source, with dealers adding any other crap to bulk them up?
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eBay and magazines

I'm looking to sell some out of print magazines on eBay, except several of them have my address label on them.

Now, discounting the part where the seller is going to find out my address anyway since I don't do PayPal or credit cards, what's the best way to get an address label off a magazine without damaging it? This is the kind with three horizonal lines of glue sticking it to the magazine. I guess I could always just pick up a corner and pull, but some of them have all four corners stuck down, too.
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I started to download a language update for windows, and something went wrong. Now everytime I turn the computer on or try to start an office program it tells me to put in the winxp disk, that I don't have with me. It is looking for one file in particular, proplus. msi.

Do you know anywhere to download individual files from?
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We love thee subs...

What do you think of the Quizno's ads with the mutant gerbil singing things in them? ("We love the subs, cos they are good to us...") I love them and keep getting the song stuck in my head, and I don't even like Quizno's.
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I am leagally changing my last name. Don't ask why.
My first name is Danielle. and I want a B last name, maybe another C last name, what ever it is it needs to be easy to spell and pronounce. Any Ideas?
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International Women's Day

I'm in charge of planning International Women's Day (March 8th) as part of Herstory month, sponsored by my college's women's center. I have a few recipes but could use a few more. We usually have the college make certain foods to serve to students and have a display set up in the union on famous women from around the world. I'm not sure if I want to do anything new unless it's really good and not that expensive. Anybody know of any good links to get ideas for International Women's Day. I haven't found that much available when doing a google. I will accept any ideas you may have. Thanks in advance.
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In this community, when people change their Icons, do you not realize who it is? Like are there certain members you've become more likely to read questions from then others? and when they change their icons, do you not realize?
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Does anyone know an easy way to increase the text size when printing emails via the web based interface of hotmail?

The view-> change text size option does not effect the size of the text on the screen


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For about a week I've had a horribly painful canker sore on the inside edge of my lip (right where my lips close, but more to the inside). I bit my lip twice and got this monster. I've tried Zilactin and that just makes it worse. Are there any remedies that you guys tried to get rid of cankers?

Gargling salt doesn't work, becuase it's not really on the inside of my mouth, if you get my drift :\
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Are there any home remedies for healing bruises?

What about making fingernails grow quicker/stronger?

I'm going to be looking for a used car to buy in another couple weeks or so. Can anyone recommend any ad sites for people selling cars in North Carolina? I'm hoping for a Thunderbird, Ford, but I haven't had much luck so far.
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without music

I don't think I would have lasted so long... so many stresses I've had have been cured, or at least brought down to a tolerable level by music... I can't imagine a life without it... don't know that it would be worth living.

I really wonder... do people who have been completely deaf since birth have any conception of music? Can they sit on a speaker and feel the vibrations and percieve them in any way like the hearing do music? If they have no conception of music similar to the conception hearing people do, do they have something that replaces it for them? If so what?

old tv show

There was a show, when I was a kid, that had robot cubes in it. Two different types of cubes would fight in space or on other planets. They had 'smiley' faces -- I think the good cubes had round/smooth lines, and the evil faces had pointy eyebrows and mouths. Anyway, think 'cubes with faces made of lines' and you'll know it if you've ever seen it.

Anyone remember the name of that show?

Oh... and, did anyone figure out what the hell it was all about? ;D
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