February 25th, 2004

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okay... here's the situation... i have a co-worker who was diagnosed as bipolar... she is on, (i think) lithium... recently is going through a divorce...
today at work i overheard her talking about how she has drank the past couple of nights...
now to my question(s);
her drinking alcohol... does it not counteract the lithium?
and if it does... should i say anything or stay out of it... since i only talk to her at work (but it does worry me...)?
and.. finally... am i being nosey?

**edit: all good now. no more wondering or worries. :-)**
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Why does eating an individual packet of sugar cure the hiccups? Furthermore, *does* it indeed cure them, or is it a psychological thing?
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I just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday ... and I look like a chipmunk! Anyway, I'm in TONS of pain. I haven't been able to eat much except chicken broth because my mouth won't open very wide. I'm on meds but they don't seem to be working. I was prescribed percosett (SP?) but I don't want to take it because I had a bad reaction last time I had it (which was a few years ago), and the dentist refuses to give me another kind of pain medication. I've been holding frozen peas to my face all day, it helped at first but now it does nothing. Motrin and Tylenol don't seem to be doing it.. what should I do?
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It's all about 'ze pee.

Continuing my cross-community urine theme, I shall ask a pee related question.

When I hear someone pee (not that I listen, but sometimes you just hear it) and it seems to go on and on and on, the first thing I think of is A League of their Own. Y'know, Tom Hanks peeing? XD

The first thing my boyfriend thinks of is Austin Powers, the first one. (When he first gets unfrozen.)

What about you? Y'know... if you were to think of these things.
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I was watching The L Word on Showtime and in this week's episode, this girl Shane takes a sniff out of some guy's bullet. She says, "Shit, I thought this was blow," and he replies that nowadays it's all about ______. I can't figure out what it really was.

Do you have an idea?

The next day, the character showed up to work really messed up by it.
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moving delemia

I am moving out of state April 1st. No really even though it is April fools day I really am. I need to give my boss notice and I don't know how to tell him. I want to tell him Friday so he has at least a month to find someone and I am willing to train someone new. I just don't want him to get all pissy and say if you want to leave then leave now. How should I do it?

Part 2. I haven't told my landlord I am leaving yet because I don't know what to say. He is a great guy. He brought me chocolate on Valentines Day because he knew I was all alone. I pay my rent early and I think I am a good tenant. The problem is this. I can't find another apartment until I tell him I am leaving. All the apartments I want, have to call him for a referance. If I don't tell him he will give me a bad referance but what if I don't find an apartment because of another reason. What if it turns out that I tell him I am leaving and wind up with no place to go. Any Ideas on how to not screw my self out of a place to live?

The best solution I came up with was tell him I am thinking of leaving April 15th this way if I don't find anything by march 15th. I can just tell him I need to stay. Or is that wrong?
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Which camera should I buy?

I would particularly welcome advice from people who already own one of the following models, but anyone with some photographic knowledge is welcome.
A little about me: I am a keen amateur photographer and I have had a succession of beaten up old SLRs in my time. I like to take shots that are something more than just snaps - the word I'm trying to avoid is probably 'arty', but I do strive for something well-composed and beautiful. I'd like to be able to play about with over-rides.

I'll probably be putting images on LJ a lot but I'd like to think I could print them out to a reasonable size if need be. I'd also like something I can take quick shots as well as composed pictures with.


land_girl recommended the Canon Ixus I as being compact and value for money. It is 4 megapixels. Comments on Amazon seem to bemoan the lack of an optical zoom, but are otherwise enthusiastic. It's quite good-looking too. Oh and it has a function that allows you to take pics without a delay between pressing the button and the shutter release.

And all by myself, I had plumped for a Canon Powershot A70 , only 3 megapixels (but I understand that is enough for most peoples' needs?) and with an optical zoom. It's a bit more bulky, but that is down to its AA batteries - might seem like a downside, but many reviewers mention it as a bonus, as these batteries can be bought anywhere.

Hmm - advice please. My paycheque came today and it's burning a hole in my pocket!

Oh, also, if anyone has recommendations for/experience of a fairly cheap tripod, that would be very welcome too.

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What is something you really regret?

I regret telling my mom I liked this leather jacket she got me 10 years ago when I really didn't. She told me it was cool for me to exchange it if I didn't like it, but I still thought I'd be personally insulting her if I said I didn't like it. So I kept it and wore it a grand total of once. She wore it a few more times, but it basically wasted away in the closet. She wasted that money because I didn't have the guts to say I didn't like her choice.

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the other night i had some grape nuts. i crumbled up a granola bar and added that, no biggie. then, before pouring the milk on it, i also added instant tea. and it was good. kinda like chai only not sweet.

what's your favorite/most creative culinary abomination?
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IRC Servers

We (a gaming forum I'm on staff at) are looking for a new IRC server to host our chatroom. Since I have only had personal experience with DalNet and one or two others, I have no idea what services are good/bad/should be avoided like the plague.

So can anyone recommend a good IRC server for us?

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You know how in American culture (and I assume the culture of most English-speaking countries), right is considered forward? Like in video games, direction arrows, etc. . . .

Anyway, in countries where the language is read from right to left, is it the opposite? Or is it random and not related to language? (If so, what *is* it based on?)

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Where and when did that silly fad of dressing up plastic geese start? Y'know.. they're like fake geese, about 3 feet high, and people make a buttload of cash for making clothes for them... Why geese? Whats the point?

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so i was wondering, if i died? how would my online friends know? who would tell them? i mean really, would they think i hated them or something? what would happen??
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so lets say you leave your laundry detergent downstairs in the laundry room and realize this action days later when you want to do another load of laundry. the question is:

was the laundry detergent bottle half-full or half-empty?