February 24th, 2004

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Wanted to Apologize

I accidentally posted in here when it was meant for my personal LJ, "And so it begins ... no more food/water for the next 31 hours.." Sorry about that. I didn't mean too!

Do you forgive me?
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There's this symbol/icon/whatever I've seen a few times, and have no idea what it means. Does anyone know what it pertains to?

I have no idea how to look up a picture of it, so I crudely drew one in Paint that looks close enough:

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(no subject)

This whole "defense of marriage" thing has me wondering... if aliens landed on earth, and were sexually compatible with humans, would they be allowed to marry us?
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Paw pring


When ever I eat a sour apple jolly rancher I think I like it but as it gets to the end I realize it is gross. They either taste like soap or puke. Does anyone else have this problem with jolly ranchers or am I a freak?
Is there any food that you think you like then you eat and you remember you hate it?

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Giving up anything for Lent?

I'm not religious, but since my boyfriend bought me chips yesterday which was when I wanted to start dieting, I ate those and am starting today instead. I just want to be healthier since my New Year's resolution didn't work out ^__^
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Pre-marital Sex

I'm just wondering what acts you classify as 'sex' when referring to what is/isnt allowed before getting married, in your beliefs?

Sex is usually classified as his bits inside hers right? So is that the only thing that you think isnt allowed? Like is the couple allowed to bare all and do everything else?

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(no subject)

questions for fantasy fiction fans:

1) Where do orcs come from? I think in LOTR they said something about orcs used to be elves? Is the origin of orcs the same in other fantasy stories?

2) How come Legolas never runs out of arrows?

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I need to hand my notice into my current job - how the hell do you write one?

I sort of get that it is somehting along the lines of;
I'm writing to inform you that I ..... wish to terminate my employment at ....
But what else are you supposed to write, that little bit written badly on a piece of paper can't be it. I need to quit asap for my new job, could someone please help?
Bitch Slap
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(no subject)

1.Do you know how to swing dance?
[[[if you answered yes move on to the next few questions]]]
2. Where did you learn?
3. Is there a place near you that you go to swing dance?
4. If so, do you live in the DC area? and can you give me directions?
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