February 23rd, 2004

It's All Good


Would someone be willing to  make us a new question mark image to use for the background on our lastn page?  The old one kinda-sorta doesn't exist anymore and I suck at Photoshop — preferably something that matches the community's colour scheme and something that's a smallish filesize.
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How many calories (approximately) are there in a standard 750 mL bottle of wine?

If it matters what type, let's say red: a cabernet. But I'll take any info on any wine.
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All About The Size

Ok now I know men talk about their penis sizes and this doesn't really bother me. I mean I'm a bit of a tomboy had more male friends than female friends so I am kinda used to it.

But what is the purpose of when you are in a chatroom and the topic comes up people start argue over it...I'm not joking here.


BLAHBLAHBAH124: Yeah well, my dick is 7 inches hard!
YAKYYAKYYAK023: Yeah well, mine is 7 AND 1/2!!!

Come on now! What is the point of that. I know size matters to a certain extent but would you really go that far to prove your penis size and if so...WHY?
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on these colorbars (which started with the marriage is love, and is now a hundred other things), how do you post the code without the colorbar appearing? that is, i have the code for a colorbar i made but i cant post it without the colorbar itself appearing. i want to post the text of the code. how do i do that?

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If you are in an open relationship, or see the logic behind it, can you tell me, if you have two relationships - 1. your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) 2. your best friend (same sex as your partner), with both you have love, friendship, long-term relationship and sex, then how do you define between the two - how would the partner remain more special than the best friend?
Do you suppose it would be better for your partner to be having sex with a stranger or a friend?

tell me more about music

Can anyone tell me about Simple Plan or MXPX? What do they sound like? Is it worth going to the show if I'm going for free?

Also, can anyone tell me why Belle and Sebastian seems to have a huge following?

And would you see Ruben Studdard in concert?


In your opinion, what's the biggest single reason the Democrats dislike George W. Bush? What's the single biggest reason the Republicans disliked Bill Clinton? With Clinton, I think it comes down to a question of Policy (things he did officially) verus Personality (his personal life and whatnot).
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What makes you feel old?

Some of mine:
grey hairs (obviously) and having to keep a look out for renegade moustache hairs

watching TOTP2 (reruns of a charts music show which shows bands from when I was 14 or so, with all the band members looking incredibly young. Aw, Feargal Sharkey...)
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i need some advice

saturday we all went out for a friends birthday. i had 7 dollars and was going to pay my share (and pitch in for her obviously) with my credit card. i was not alone in this plan. we were split down the middle (cash/credit), but her boyfriend went ahead and paid the entire bill (against our protests) with his credit card, accepting cash from those who had it. i gave him my $7, but that only covered about 1/3 of what i owed. i was and still am uncomfortable with this.

so my question is this: should i accept his action and not try to give him more money or should i do what i feel is right and repay him?

my concern is that money is a tricky thing. i don't want to offend him (by counteracting his kindness), but at the same time i don't like to be made to feel incompetant or like a moocher when i know i can afford it.

i do not know how he would react to either decision. i only casually know this guy, so i am really uncomfortable with taking his money.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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For those of you who went to or are in college, what was your main application essay about? In retrospect, do you think it was good? Are you still proud of it?

I'm not... mine was so contrived, it was about my volunteer experience. I don't ever want to read it again, I know it sucked.

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Please answer this question only if it directly addresses you. I'm not looking to start a debate.

Do you call yourself a Christian and/or Catholic but disagree with one of its major teachings?

Are you/D0 you:

think premarital sex is fine?
not believe in the divinity of the Bible?
reject the teachings of Paul as God-given? (gays are evil, women shouldn't speak on spiritual matters, abstinence is spiritually superior than being sexually active, etc)
see Jesus as a great prophet, not God?
not believe in the trinity?
a gay Christian (or believe gay unions can be just as spiritually fulfilling and sanctified as straight ones)?
not believe in transubstantiation?
not believe in divine intercession of saints?

Which one? If so, how do you deal with others calling you not a christian because of these beliefs? How have you reconciled your beliefs?

Just curious.

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I'm having surgery tomorrow and I won't be eating solids for at least 2-3 days. I haven't lost much yet (only 3 lbs). I weigh more now than I have in my entire life (125lbs 5'2"). Before my surgery I kinda wanna pig out on a bunch of foods that are 'taboo'. Should I go off my diet...or not?
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For those who don't plan on voting for Bush

Who will you vote for, Nader or Kerry?

I am afraid that Nader running will split the liberals down the middle, pretty much giving Bush the win.

If Nader is more in line with your principles, will you vote for him or will you vote for Kerry to guarantee Bush not getting in, ie, sacrifice some of your principles for the greater good, or stand by all your principles at the risk of having Bush again?
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ok so the randomness of me has questions to ask...yet again...
now, you know that joke that starts off with "pull my finger" how does that end?
Because honestly no one ever finished the joke, everyone else just laughed...and now i'm just too old to really ask someone with out being publicly mocked forever about it.

Also, could someone please finish the rhyme about "there once was a man from nantuckit"? because this is yet another thing i was deprived of knowing as a child.
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A call to the Greek...

Does anyone know how to properly write '2004' using greek numbers? What's messing me up is that there's no symbol for zero, and to write 'B (properly) as 2000 would obviously be incorrect because where would the 4 go?

Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks! :)
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what are some ways your parents sheltered you?

my answers
- they let me believe in santa until i was pretty old (10 or 11)
- boys and girls can't sleep in the same room in my house unless they're married or related. over the summer, my mom didn't even let a family friend sleep across the hall from me-- he had to sleep downstairs.
- i couldn't watch simpsons until high school
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What's your favorite cover song?

At the moment, mine are Diana Krall's version of "Just the Way You Are", and Joss Stone's "Fell in Love With a Boy". I also like Alicia Keys' version of "How Come U Don't Call Me".
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1) Do you know anything particularly interesting about teeth? (Of any animal?) More importantly, would you like to share said information?

2) Why do people pretty much only use the word "wage" for war and campaigns, when the actual definition is broader? Force of habit? Does it sound particularly belligerent?

3) What's your favorite language to a) hear, b) speak (the one's you know/are learning, obviously, and c) read? What language(s) would you like to learn?

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LJ comments

Do you receive LJ comments via e-mail? If you choose not to have them sent, what's your reasoning, and how do you keep up with threads you're participating in?
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okay....hypothetically speaking

say your eye started oozing. really nasty crusty unstoppable ooze. and it might POSSIBLY be caused by the fact that your two week disposable contacts had been worn for three months.

is there a quick fix for the oozing crusty eye or can this only be solved by el doctor
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Okay, considering the, uh, range of questions I've seen here, I think that this question is probably permissible:

Does anyone know whether or not there are any anamorphic DVD gay porns?

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is there any way to protect the pictures inside a locket from getting wet if you wera the locket when you take a shower? i don't wanna take it off every time i take a shower, but water got inside and ruined the pictures in there.

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Who enjoys watching FOX's reality shows?
They're quite lame...but amusing to watch nonetheless. :P
A few examples:
"Littlest Groom" "My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiance"
Quite bizarre, indeed.

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Ohh, that post about "( vegans/vegetarians )" reminds me...
What's the point of calling yourself a vegetarian...yet eating chicken?
My friend claims he's a vegetarian, and doesn't eat any meat, EXCEPT chicken...because he HAS to eat some kind of meat or something?? I'm not sure...but my other friend was claiming how pointless it is for him to call himself a vegetarian if he's going to eat chicken, and a chicken is an animal too. Anybody know what I'm talking about?