February 22nd, 2004

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where would one go if they were to want to buy a (for lack of better words) thing for Microsoft Word (XP) to check german spelling and grammar?? i've looked on their website... but i think i'm a bit dumb tonight. any help??

Anime and Speeding

1. I got a speeding ticket a few months ago, going 80 in a 60, and (I think) my lawyer asked for a Prayer for Judgement (or something similiar). Last Friday, I got another one, 54 in a 45. Have I got a chance in Hell? How long might they suspend my license for? (I'm in NC, USA.)

2. What's your favorite anime(s) and why?
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This is making my brain hurt.

I'm doing my tax stuff and it asks me about my taxable interest. I have three bank accounts and only one sent me a paper that actually mentions interest, though the other two mention dividends. Do I count the dividends as the interest?

The account that mentioned interest is the one I have a good bit of money in, but I only have $10 in one, and the other is one I use so it regularly goes pretty low. Does that matter?
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my face is bruised... a dozen or so dots.
theyre smallish and lightish, but makeup wont cover them well enough.
anything i can do to make them go away faster?

and can bruises ever...scar? as in stay discolored and sore forever? ive had some for months.

::goes to take her iron pills::
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Fag Yat Restaurant Fiction?? ?

I was reading some old LJ Drama that involved the author Poppy Z. Brite (who I know little or nothing about). Someone in LJ Drama made the statement that she was a vampire-fic writer. She responded by saying that she had only written one piece of vampire-fic a looong time ago, and that she is currently writing Fag Yat Restaurant Fiction.

So my questions:

What is Fag Yat Restaurant Fiction?

Are Brite's works any good?
DM; all

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I'm doing a persuasive essay for my Writing 121 class, in which my topic will be about Universal health care in the U.S.
What do you think of a Universal based health care system in the U.S. [not just Medicaid, but health coverage for all]?

What would be the best way to implement a health care coverage system in the U.S.?
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How come people ask questions like "what's a good brush?" when they're wanting to know which brush is best?

It seems to be common on LJ, but I've never known anyone to do it in real life. Is it some american thing, like a way of talking in the deep south or from a TV show or something?
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I'm driving myself crazy trying to find something. I once saw (online) these notebooks that were color coded, and they were spiral-bound, and they were really focused on the color of each... somewhere (I think the cover) gave characteristics of the color or something like that. I remember thinking they were really neat, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? and even better, where I could find them? thanks a lot!
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What is a diffuser? Our vet has recommended that we get one to make our old cat feel happier. He seemed to be saying it was something you plug in, like one of those air fresheners.
Is it something to do with positive ions?
Has anyone ever used one for this reason?
Did it work?
Or is my vet just talking a load of old rubbish?

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after seeing the media hound kerry over supposed
botox injections and then an affair with some intern,
why hasn't the media paid more attention to the
fact that george w. bush was arrested for
driving under the influence?
you'd think it was a big deal...?

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Does anyone else get overly excited when they see certain animals? I was so excited to see a hawk (that I see several times a week) the other day that I called my boyfriend just to tell him. I even get excited when I see cats in windows around town.

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i know it's uncommon, but DO skiers grind?

if so, do you have any pointers or techniques?

i tried 3 times yesterday, but i couldn't get all the way down a rail without falling off.