February 21st, 2004

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why does the box of mini-chocolate pieces (like..mini generic m&ms) have only the ingredients "wheat, milk and soy" on the side?

what exact is soy doing in chocolate? especially MY chocolate.

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i need help... i need to find an interesting topic to give a 4.5-5 minute speech on, and it must be informative (and i have to cite my sources from journals only...) can you guys give me any ideas? something that would be fun and interesting??

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---my high school is holding a blood drive this week. its 3 days before my 17th birthday... will they let me give anyways?

---how can you make yourself hate someone you love? i figure its got to be easier than forgetting.

---is passion of the christ really going to be subtitled?? mr gibson wanted to bring christianity to as many people as he could... so he filmed the movie in a language we cant understand? bah.

---cafeteria food: ground turkey fajitas or hamburger calzones? which is grosser?

---what are you waiting for?
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Background first, then question after.

The ancient Egyptions believed that after you died, your Ka (spirit) would come back and find your body, and then you would continue to the afterlife. Egyptians mummified people so that they would stay perserved and you would look like yourself so your Ka could find your body. When pharaohs were mummified, their liver, heart, intestine and another organ I can't remember were put into jars, because the Egyptians believed that you needed these in the after life, however if left in the body they would decompose and your body then wouldn't look like you. However the Egyptians believed that your heart was the main center organ that you needed and controlled everything, and they didn't know what the brain was used for so they threw it away.

My question is, if you did need your organs in the afterlife, would your Ka be able to get there if you didn't have a brain?

Scientifically you need your brain to function, so if they threw it away then you're out of luck, however they believed the heart did all that important stuff.
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My mother asked me to look something up online about a US law regarding pensions. She spelled it "Arissa," but I googled it and couldn't find anything related to the topic. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Know any sites that talk about it?
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Do you consider a bra obscene?

To clarify: Sometimes when I get home I'll toss my shirt off and walk around in my bra, totally forgetting I have the windows open. It's not like I'm naked though, and bikinis cover less than my bra, so in my eyes, it isn't a big deal. Yours?

(Normally I wear sports bras, which are fine, but those aren't the type I'm referring to.)

Do you think your sex has anything to do with your answer? *L*
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Tonsil ick. (That's what I call it.)

I have a problem with my tonsils.

First off they're absurdly large. But the most annoying bit is that from time to time a little chunk of them will turn into this hard white (very nasty) mass, and then I'll eventually end up hacking it up. I've actually gotten to the point where I can use my nail to pop them out, though it irks the hell out of me. Now my tonsils are full of holes, and look very... strange.

Does anyone know what this freakish sickness is called? Does anyone but me and my mom have it?!
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Living Organ Transplants

Here's an interesting question: would you consider giving an organ or part of an organ to a family member? A friend? A complete stranger? Would you donate any organ, or only a particular organ? (As far as I know, living-related transplants are available for bone marrow, kidneys, lung lobes, and livers (riskier than the others, I believe). At what point would your answer (if asked to donate) change from "absolutely, yes" to "I'll have to think about it"?

My answer: I couldn't donate lung or liver tissue, and possibly not a kidney, so it's more or less a moot point for those. As for bone marrow, I would certainly do it for a family member, and from some casual research I think I would quite possibly do it for a total stranger if I was a match.

I hope the question generates some intersting discussion and thought among the community.

This is what prompted me to ask: 17 year old Allie needs new lungs, and she can't wait the year or longer it would take to find a cadaveric match. She needs a transplant from a living donor to survive..
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