February 20th, 2004

what is a God?

i don't think there is a God,because i haven't heard one convincing argument for God's existence.i use the caiptal G so that anyone reading this will know i mean God with a big G like the Christian or Islamic or Jewish God's,and not the other kind.an omnipotent,omnipresent,omniprescient,one of a kind,God,rather than a naturalistic god.i don't believe in astrology because a single argument rules out the possibilty that it is real.no single argument rules out the possibilty that God exists.having an argument that rules something out is called falsifiability,but there is no falsifiable argument for the concept of a God.and without him arriving in person,anything at all can be offered as evidence for God's existence.

Looking for a pic....

I remember an old Sesame Street routine where Oscar the Grouch had a plate of spaghetti for a hat, and I've been trying to find a picture of it to make into an icon, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help?

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This is a strange question, but is there anything you can drink to make a loogie dissolve or go away or something? Its really far back and hard to hawk up, and I have to sing a solo tomorrow.
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what are you worse habits??

-i like to hear peoples opinions before i state my own...if theirs are drastically different i won't state mine...
-i can be really blunt
-i procrastinate A LOT
leave your turntable on

laundry and love

Why do we always adore the people who ignore us? And why do we still keep wishing for their affections although we know we won't recieve them?

What's your favorite song dealing with unrequited love?

What can get pen ink out of a white shirt?
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get fuzzy! [crystal_blitz]

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Did you have a Furby?

I had one, it was bright green with blue hair. It got stuffed into the closet about a week after my grandparents gave it to me?

Did you have one of those little electronic pet things? Y'know-Tamagotchi or a Gigapet?

I had both! I thought I was so cool, carrying around a little electric thing, feeding my pet. My gigapet was a koala thing... and I have no idea what the Tamagotchi was- an egg or something..

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I accidentally dunked my digital camera into soup. Currently, it won't work, and I was wondering:

Will it work again?
What should I do? Take it apart myself and clean it, or bring it somewhere to get it looked at/cleaned/fixed?
How much would getting someone professional to look at it cost?