February 19th, 2004

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Masturbation Survey

Taken from a conversation I had with sodreo earlier, and x-posted to my own jorunal...

1) What's the strangest thing(s) you've ever masturbated to?

2) What's the strangest thing(s) you've ever masturbated with?

This should be interesting...
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hula kitty

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I've done several searches and can't really find what I'm looking for. What sort of illnesses could be caused by someone not cleaning a litter box? Specifically if the cat owner didn't clean it for weeks at a time? I hope there is someone still up who could help me out with this.
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I'm so bored can anyone tell me any websites to play games? Like Yahoo games. Free and you dont need to download them. Word games are my favorite. :) Esp. if I can play against other people.

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This is a follow-up to my question yesterday about defragging my hard drive... I tried to put the computer in safe mode to do it but it would not go into it... I tried several times using different methods that I looked up in windows help... didn't work (could the fact that I have a boot password set up in bios affect this?) So then I tried closing every possible program, screen saver, power saver, etc. and left defrag on all night... still at 0% this morning. The part you can click to get more info is blank, but once again the CPU is making sounds like it's working... This morning I canceled that and set it up to defrag my secondary, newer hard drive, but I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't work either... Does anyone know anything else I can try? Or should I just call Dell or Microsoft? I appreciate all the tips from yesterday.

I have a vague memory of a book

that I read about 15 years ago when I was about 10 or 11 years old.

If I remember correctly--granted me memory of it is fuzzy-- it is about a kid who stumbles upon a magical book in s library, I think(it wasn't neverending story) with a lock on it. I believe the key was hidden inside it as well. In it there are creatures like centaurs and the like.

Similar to Neverending Story, but not the same.

Any suggestions?

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Does anyone use Skype?

About two minutes into a call the other person can't hear me, and then it disconnects the call. Is this typical? What can I do to make it work? My computer meets all of the requirements listed on the site.
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ADMIN - New Rule

Sorry for all the Admin stuff lately, but we do what we have to do to keep thequestionclub running smoothly.

As of today we have added a new rule.

Rude and offensive posts and comments will not be tolerated, period. No warnings will be issued.

We had hoped that would be common sense and fall under "Please be respectful and friendly" but judging from recent events it needs to be pointed out specifically.

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Why do we have separate restrooms?

You'd think that places could provide restroom facilities much more efficiently if they built one big one instead of having to have one for men and one for women. Plus it would eliminate the problems fathers have taking their daughters potty and mothers taking their sons.

Having separate ones just makes no sense. Most places have doors on the stalls anyway, so it's not like it would be indecent to share and I think it would cut down on lines if both genders shared one large bathroom.
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How come when you spin around really fast for awhile, and then you stop...but your eyes still see the scene you saw while you were spinning?
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