February 18th, 2004


I have a pedestal bed, meaning that the entire bottom is solid (with drawers). It's the perfect size for a full size mattress, but can I put a queen size bed on it?

the things we do...

ok I am procrastinating on my work...and popping up with some questions...

why is it women take their significant other shopping? I giggle/chuckle everytime I am shopping and I see men holding clothes to be tried, one or two shopping bags, and to top it off, carrying the purse! And the look on their faces is priceless...especially when you are around the lingerie section! oh I would be on the floor cracking up, if people wouldn't look at me strange!

But I still wonder... why? Is it fun to see her sig-other suffer in agony? ;) Does she really think she is spending quality time with him, when her attention is in fact completely on what clothes, shoes, bags, etc. to buy.. he he he.. or is it that she is lazy to carry the bags of things she purchased herself?
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for you comics-readers

if your newspaper gets "overboard," do you remember the dates when they introduced cecilia, the enemy ship's spy? specifically when charlie was in love with her. just ballpark month/year is all i'm asking for.

or do you know which treasury book that event can be found in?


can someone explain the whole wedding/engagement ring to me please??

it's really confusing to me.
first your bf secretly buys you an engagement ring, which he gives to you when he proposes. you wear that on your ring finger on your left hand.
does he get an engagement ring?? or just the girl gets one?
then what -- you go buy wedding rings together i guess? and they're supposed to match? then you wear it on your ring finger on your left hand?
do you still wear your engagement ring?
i don't get this


question for anyone who knows computers: i have a dell from 1999 with win 98. i have never defragged before (in my defense, everything used to work fine! ...and i didn't know about it). over a year ago i set it up to defrag while i went away for a weekend. after 2 days, it was still at 0% although there were noises coming from the cpu like it was working. i canceled it. since my computer has recently taken on a larger role, it's been acting up more and i decided to try defrag again. i started it up last night and once again it was at 0% this morning, despite the "thinking" noises. i would be surprised if it's done anything by the time i get home from work. is this a common problem? is there a quick fix to make it defrag and help my programs run more smoothly? or am i doomed to never defragment my hard drives?

Religion and String Theory

Do those two topics seem to relate? Maybe not to you, but to me they do. I was reading an article in Popular Science about String Theory, which believes that there are ten dimensions, the three we know, time, and then six more that are coiled up somehow. I think a lot of their proofs consist of the idea that it makes the math work, and it explains gravity. Something along those lines. In all practicality, though, it's completely useless, at least to me. Why should it matter if there are seven dimensions that I can't really experience?

The logical proofs or disproofs of relgion that we are reading in Great Books are much like that. They are actually just statements of opinions, extrapalations that end in assumptions, random names assigned to ideas and events. Aquinas refers to a First Cause, which obviously must be G-d, because that's the way it is. In response, Bertrand Russel asks why there even needs to be a beginning, why the universe did not just always exist. I look at the two arguments and think that both of them are idiots. If G-d does exist, and He is omnipotent, then there is no way that we could understand Him. If there aren't any gods, we can't prove that either. Any fact that you could come up with could be twisted to suit either side's purpose. Like multiple dimensions, we have no way of testing out our hypotheses. If G-d exists, and we die and go to heaven or hell, then maybe we would know the truth. But then we'd be dead, we couldn't change anything, and there wouldn't be a way to communicate what we'd learned back to the world of the living.

It also reminds me of the idea of destiny. If we have a destiny, then we have no way of knowing it. We might be able to realize, at the end of our lives mind you, that everything happened for a reason to bring us where we are on that day, but who's to say that your destiny actually caused that? The decisions you make change where you'll end up, but it's impossible to know if you made those decisions of your own free will or if G-d pointed you in that direction.

In closing, I don't know for sure if destiny, G-d, or 10 dimensions exist, but I truly don't care. Proving the existance or non-existance of the above won't change how I live my life or change my surroundings. They could change my outlook on life, but I could change my outlook anyway. So I offer these questions to you: What do you believe in? Why? And does it really matter?
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i always have odd questions....ok so background: some therapist or people who study relationships have noticed that when people get married they usually marry someone of a dynamic different then them based on their order of birth. For example: the youngest child will end up marrying the oldest child. and usually an only child will marry someone either an only child or the oldest(i think). Now here's the part about me:
I have many siblings but all of them are much older then me and are half siblings too, and for most of my childhood they were not present. The closest sibling to my age is my brother Billy who is 12 years older then me. So my question is which kind of dynamic am I destined to marry? The eldest? the youngest? or the only child? the the middle child?
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How come over half the movies clips on Kazaa come up with an error like "Mpeg header missing. This may not be an mpeg file."

It plays IN Kazaa, and I can see the image in the preview window, but it won't play.

What gives?