February 17th, 2004


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why does milk and lemon juice precipitate into this white blob?

we were making cheese fondue the other day, and the recipe says to simmer wine and lemon juice. since none of us have a real appreciation for the taste of wine, we replaced it with milk, and the result was a disgusting BLOB. my friends were laughing because they all knew you're never supposed to combine milk and lemon juice.

then why are there lemon flavored dairy products? (like yogurt, lemon butter, etc . . .)
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Is pnemonia contageous?

My boss is gross and doesn't shower, ever time he uses my phone and then I use it, my skin breaks out. Am I being paranoid, is my skin to sensative, or does this happen to people with normal bosses?

And can someone teach me how to make cute icons, I know I am not supposed to ask LJ questions, But I asked 2 unrealated, so this shouldn't count.

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does anyone else think it would be fun to "live like the pioneers" or whatever for a little while? sew your own clothes, farm food, raise chickens, live in a log cabin? just for a while, not for the rest of your life. id like to try it for a couple weeks, maybe for a summer or so, just to see what its like. what do you guys think?

A Question? A Thought? A VALID DELETED POST? YES!

I just stumbled across something that I thought some of you would take an interest in, and that you might have some thoughts of your own concerning the matter. This post in the Political Philosophy community is very interesting. And by my stating above ".. that you might have some thoughts of your own concerning the matter," is my POSING A QUESTION. An asking if you could share your thoughts about this issue. I'm sorry if you didn't get that first time around. What are your thoughts about this issue (here)???????

p.s. I am NOT promoting this community, although I am a member, I am also a member of this one, and I am only referring to the other because it contains a well written piece on an issue I'd like to gain other people's perspectives on. Therefore I have not violated any of the rules of the community.
Thank you.



i can't seem to get anything done tonight!!
How do you get yourself to focus, to work on things like homework??

btw: please don't give me crap about "i don't do my homework" or "i'm too smart to study"
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have you ever been absently eating something (sandwich, pizza, bag of chips) while you're doing something else (watching TV, reading, doing homework) then suddenly realize that its almost gone and you dont really remember eating most of it?
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Ok, so today when I went out for lunch, I was thinking about the camp I went to over the summer and in particularly I was thinking about this girl who would ask other girls whenever she got the chance if they had ever had a boyfriend. When she found out some of the girls never had she'd say "it's ok me either, a statistic i once read said that 80% of high schoolers in general will leave high school without ever having a significant other.....can someone tell me if this is true? and if it isn't, then what is the real percentage?