February 16th, 2004


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Okay, something I'm hearing a lot about lately 'cause I'm in Ohio which just passed a Defense of Marriage Act (or something). . . . like the whole "no gay marriage" thing.

And really, does anyone know what justification they're (this is the states in the USA) using to make this law? I mean, don't you have to have some justifiable basis? And maybe I'm just missing something (why I'm asking, I guess), but the only reason I can think of that *might* be justifiable (depending on the person) is the whole religious/immoral thing, but I don't see how the government could use that seeings as the whole point of what are country was based on (and this hasn't changed) is supposed to not be based on any religion/spirituality. And the whole separation of church and state thing. So wouldn't that mean, the whole conceived immorality of it should have no impact on their decisions, one way or the other, to legalize or not legalize gay marriages and/or civil unions?

I'm mostly looking for stuff that is solid here. Like, what their justification is, or if they're just going against the whole no church and state thing. Or that maybe I'm wrong and you really don't need any justification?
random//my dumb face

It hurts.

This morning my cat scratched my face. He's not evil, he's just skittish. My boyfriend made a noise which sent my cat tearing off in the opposite direction, and unfortunately my face was in the path of his hind claws.

I was fine until my boyfriend reacted (with both shock and concern) and I realized my palms... well they weren't quite covered with blood, but there was a lot. My first reaction had been to put them over my face.

So my question: It's an odd place for a bandage, but I'll be going to the drug store when it opens, so do you think I should get something to put over it? I already put Neosporin on it.

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cordless phones

My cordless phone is dead. I think I've only had it for about 3 or 4 years. A friend said that I might just have to replace the battery but I haven't seen any places that just sell cordless phone batteries.

Should I just get a new phone or can I just replace the battery? And where would I get a battery from?

See, I'm not sure if it's a battery problem because it says that it's fully charged. When I turn on the phone, it doesn't turn on but gives me this beep saying "I can't turn on" (like when the battery is dead).

claiming communities

What is the deal with "claiming" communities? I just stumbled upon one today and am having a little trouble with the whole concept.

You can "claim" a city just because you say it's yours???? How weeeird. What do you think? Can you explain why people do this or the origin of it or anything?

Cell Phone Companies

Speaking of cell phones...

What company do you think is best overall?

I have Sprint right now. My boyfriend bought a second line for me on his account, but we pay about $130 a month total for 2 lines and 800 anytime minutes. But I'm afraid to switch because I'm afraid the service/clarity/signal ranges won't be as good.


sugar and starch

i've been hearing all this stuff about fruit being bad for you, 'cause of the sugar, and vegetables being bad for you, 'cause of the starch.
what the hell!?
if fruit and vegetables aren't good for you, what is??
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The Catch 22

Ugh I'm sick ... just a little head cold, but I still feel blah. I'm debating if I should go to school tomorrow. I have block scheduling so missing a day is like missing a week. Also, I have a Kaplan Tutor coming over my house tomorrow (A Kaplan tutor is someone who helps me study for the SAT's). If I cancel, I have to call 24 hours before hand. So I should decide now. We're a little behind, and I think it'd be a bad idea to cancel. On top of that, I have surgery next week, but they won't do it if I am sick. I don't want to push myself and then prolong my illness ... but on the other hand, I don't want to do the makeup work and I'm worried about canceling my tutor. What should I do?
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Okay, I have two accounts on my computer. One is password protected and for my use only, the other one is a guest account that anybody can get into. For some reason, the internet explorer doesn't work on that account. Whenever you open up an internet window, it automatically closes down. But, it works perfectly on my account. Does anybody know how I can fix this?
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What is the most annoying person/thing/concept/whatever in your life right now? Why? Be specific.

Are you straight, gay, bi, or other? If other, specify.

Ugliest car ever?

SAT/ACT score?

Peanuts or caramel? Pick ONE, folks.
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French fry toppings.

Does anyone eat honey on their french fries?
What about dipping their fries in frosties/milkshakes?
Any other odd fry toppings?


I do eat honey on my fries, and also do the frostie/milkshake thing. Although only with chocolate milkshakes. =^.^=
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