February 15th, 2004

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does anyone who uses Trillian and logs into both AIM and MSN through it have trouble with it kicking you off the MSN sign in constantly? Mine does this every 3 minutes or so and I can't figure out why and it's driving me nuts. I'd much rather use Trillian for it than the actual MSN Messenger program because I find its interface obnoxious... but I can't figure out how to fix this!

Anyone had this problem and know how to fix it? trillian's website is no help at all.
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I burned my thumb taking a plate out of the microwave that was really hot. I've been holding onto an ice cube because it really hurts. It feels okay when the ice is on it, but if i take it off then after a minute it starts to hurt again.

What can I do to make it stop hurting?
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Okay so I'm 15 and obsessed with hockey. Luckily for me there is a Junior A (minor league) hockey team down the street from me. And through the season I've finally gotten to know a little about the players, most of them being between the ages of 17-19.

2 weeks ago, the one player, Adam, was talking to me and he was being really friendly, We chatted about school and hockey mostly. The next game, I saw him again and we were chatting, this time about music. He said he liked punk music so I asked him if he liked AFI, and he claimed to. So I was asking if he had their one CD, and he said no. So I told him to buy it, or I could burn it for him at the next game.

The question is this:

I did burn him that CD, and I gave it to him, on the inside I wrote my name and email and stuff. Now, I'm 15 and he's 17. And I gave him the CD, and I was like "hey yeah I said I'd burn you the CD, here it is, it's really good" and I told him the best songs, and then I was like "yeah I threw my email in there, in case you have any questions about the music or if you wanna know anything else about AFI or band similar to them." He looked at me really strange, took the CD, said thanks, and left....

Did I just REALLY screw up any possible chance of being friends with this guy? And if I did, how do I fix it? Or do I just let it go?
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I got a Valentines Day card from my parents, just some standard American Greeting... nothing special, but with a 4.99 price tag on the back... It's nice of them to think of me, but now that I've seen it, I just want to pop it in the recycle bin, but I feel guilty. What do you guys do in situations like this? Do you just throw out the cards or do you save them and throw them out later? Or... save them indefinitely?


My throat is really killing me. It's really come this bad maybe..with in the past 8 hours or so. It hurts to swallow, talk...even breathe. I've tried hot drinks, gargling with salt water etc. It's not helping. Any other suggestions?
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Help... seeking movie title... or actors name

Ok, when I was around 14 years old they showed this movie on TV. (this would have been in the mid 80's) It involved an american family taking in this family from overseas. The main guy (who played the father) was tall, kinda pale and had light brown curly hair. I cannot, for the life of me, think of what this movie was called. I just remember that I liked it very much. I want to find it again. I can't remember anything about the names of the actors/actresses, or the movie title itself. so if anyone knows what I'm talking about.. help?



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what happened in vidor, texas? i've noticed it has a bad connotation, and billboards about a guy who got away with murdering his wife. is this all it's famous for?

do you think it's ok to make fun of stupid people?
i make fun of stupid people all the time. but when you think about it, they can't help being stupid, so really it's like making fun of a handicapped person or something. not that it stops me. but what do you think?


My Playstation 1 has been on all day - and mostly played with. My 4 year old son has got to a level he's never gotten to before and is really excited, however it's almost his bedtime and we don't have a memory card. And I can't play to save myself. If I left it on all night while we slept, would it damage either the PS1 or the disk?

the rest of my life:

livejournal has got an artsy population... so im sure some of you can be of great help...

i am now planning on going to art school after i graduate (2005).
or should i go to a college and just be in their art program?

what should i even be looking for in an art school?

do art schools typically offer degrees? or will i be wasting 4 years and a bagillion dollars to leave with nothing but "skill?"

do my grades/SATs/activities still matter? because lemme tell ya i put a lot of years in for those nice high numbers and offices to go to waste.
am i an idiot for having a GPA over 100, and SATs that i expect to be a 1300 at minimum, and not going to college? my parents are positive ill be ruining my life... lol but hearing it from you guys i will actually believe it.

any idea if my small-town coke-addicted icky ol high school councilor will be of any use to me? lol. yea... doubtful, i know.
so thanks in advance!
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Need some help in chem

In organic chem lab tomorrow we're starting the lab experiment called "Sythesis and hyrdroboration-oxidation of 1-phenylcyclohexene". The first part is "Grignard Sythesis of 1-Phenylcycolohexanol". I'm having a problem with this question on my pre-lab where it says to calculate the mass of water it would take to completely destroy the phenylmagnesium bromide you will prepare in this synthesis. I don't know where to start with this and can't find any mention of calculating this in the book I have. Any help you give me will be greatly appreciated.

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When it comes to adult filters on your PC how do they work?
If you wanted could you say block out sites containing things such as sex but at the same time let certain sites through - like say you want to stop your children from seeing porn, but you wan them to be seeing sex education sites?