February 12th, 2004

Breath Of Fire - Flirty

Art Tutorials

does anyone know where I can find tutorials online for different subjects (step by step tutorials for painting, charcoal, oil pastels, drawing, markers, colors, cging, etc etc etc)?

Thanks in advance
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tank girl

Okay so there's a lot, but I had a lot on meh mind.

Is it so wrong to say that your married even if you don't have the official statement and the ring even if you do, in fact feel and do all things married couples do?

What does everyone think is society's stance on marriage?

Are you ever too young to marry, even if your consenting and have been in love for a number of years?

Does anyone else believe that people might sometimes try to break up a good couple purposely because they are jealous of how much these people love each other?

Do, people in fact yearn for anyone's joy/perfection to break? Do people still try to find/be this perfect something despite knowing that everyone else is waiting for them to mess up?

What's the strangest profession you've ever heard of? Whats the strangest job that seemed very appealing to you?

(no subject)

someone showed me a (uk) website that has anti-valentines day ecards
with references to giving V.D. on valentines day, and how its a
commercial holiday, etc etc....i can't find this site again, so
does anyone know what in the hell i'm talking about?

(no subject)

last year i sent these "anti-valentines day" e-cards to some friends. they were black white and grey, not animated or anything. i remember one said "VD" in big letters (ha).
anyone know where i might find them?
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white wedding

i was reading a book, and one of the characters was bitching how it was hypocritical of her sister to wear a white dress at her wedding, because she's not a virgin.

is it hypocritical to wear white at your wedding if you're not a virgin??

cheap motel room

about how much does it cost to get a motel room for one night?
i'm looking for something really cheap, because quality isn't an issue.
so i was just wondering a general price range.
is there a website i can look up this kind of info?