February 11th, 2004

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People who work with youth- have you heard of The 40 Developmental Assets?
Do you find it upsetting that money has been spent on research that discovered kids benefit from having a caring adult in their lives?
I'm so ragingly pissed at this. When money can't be spent on a vegetable in the school lunch (hence ketchup as vegetable), we're going to throw money into character building. Sure, I want kids to have good character. I also want them to not be obese and be literate.

women issues

1. Do you know about female ejaculation?
2. For the women: Would you be embarrassed if you did this? (or are you embarrassed because you do it?)
3. How would you feel if the woman you had sex with ejaculated and you didn't expect it?
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Posts in any journal or community are made time stamped with whatever the user specifies, in my case my system clock.

Comments to posts in any journal or community are made time stamped with "Coordinated Universal Time -7 hours" or U.S. Mountain timezone.

Does this bother you?

What would be better, stamping with user's local time, or stamping with number of minutes since the post was created?

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Question For Women

Do you have body parts, not like your vagina, armpits, or legs that are obvious parts, but other parts of your body that are hairy?

I myself do. My arms and stomach get hairy. It's not really noticeable but it bothers me and shoots my self-esteem down for some reason I see myself as a hairy beast. So I end up shaving my arms and stomach when I'm shaving.

Anyone else have these problems or do this?
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