February 10th, 2004


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Who from TV or film have you been told you are like and why?

Pinky, from Pinky and the Brain - goofy.
Marry-Anne, from Cybill - reeking havoc on her ex’s & generous to friends.
Lilo, from Lilo & Stitch - so very much like me as a child, particularly Elvis fan.
Neil, from the young ones - I sound like him and look like him when I have long hair.
Morticia, from the Adams family - I look like her when I have long black hair.


Is there anyone you know in real life who doesn't have a Livejournal but you wish that they did have a Livejournal? My boyfriend's best friend is hilarious in real life, so I sometimes wish that she'd get a Livejournal 'cause I'd be REALLY interested in reading what she has to say about her everyday life. :)
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If you could pick any decade to have thrived in, what would it have been? I am 22 now and I wish I were about 15 years older. This way, the 1980's would have been mine! Axl Rose and Slash (oh yeah, I'd have been a Cindy Lauper dressing Guns N' Roses groupie). The Grateful Dead were touring. Following the Dead and sleeping with guys in tight faded and ripped jeans with hair bigger and longer than mine (e.g. Def Leppard and Motley Crue). UNST in the '80's!
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The discussion about religion in schools aside, lets say it’s safe to say nothing you say here will effect anything, what religions do you think that religious education in schools should cover?
If you say 'All major religions' please explain what you think they are, please refrain from religious prejudice, if you’re a positive Atheist please move along, nothing to see here.
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Have you ever found the journals of former or current classmates of yours? If so, how did you react? How did you find it?

And let's say that you've liked someone for a year, and you're giving them a card for Valentine's Day. What would you write on the inside of it?
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dietic ulcers

What are some precautions to take if you think you're getting an ulcer? I plan on going to the doctor first but I was just wondering if I should take any other preventive measures. Does anybody know what I should eat? I'm a vegetarian, and I'm eating vegetarian chili right now, but I doubt that's good for my stomach.

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does anyone remember seeing an icon with a human eye, at first it was still then it blinked if you wait? if you know the user who has that icon (or if you are that person), I'm wondering if it's okay if I get a copy of the picture and printed out to use as an example of animation for my project?

Why particularly this icon? I remember it was moving slowly, almost like real pace, and I thought it was a good example to use when explaining about frames-per-second. If anyone has a similar animated icon, it'll be greatly appreciated if I could "borrow" it.

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my discman has a switch on the side that can be in 3 positions-- off, resume, and hold. the music plays in any position, and while it's playing, i can fool around with this switch, and nothing happens. what do these mean?

also, if you've seen barton fink, care to explain it to me? the significance of ANY of it. it was a pretty big mystery to me.