February 9th, 2004

  • kit_n

Something is definitely wrong.

For the past week or so I've been having some stomach pain. It comes and goes. It usually subsides or weakens when I am eating ... but will come back shortly after. It's at it's worse during the night, before I go to bed. It keeps me up. I know it's my actual stomach (not my 'belly'). It's on the right side of my stomach and travels upwards a bit... I get a little nauseous as well. It's not effected by TYPES of food and I've tried pepto bismol and Zyntec(whatever it's called), which has no effect. Is it an ulcer, just heartburn? What is it?
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My friend tried marijuana but it came in the shape of a ball the size of those hi-bounce ones -- just big enough to fit in a bowl of a pipe. I think I've heard of this before as a mix of pot and something else. Does anyone know what this is? I don't think it's just pot.

Computer problem

Does anyone know why the num and caps (mainly the num) locks won't stay on?

Background: I do data entry so I'm doing a long string of numbers where I'll enter several and then hit the down arrow, and this is repeated at a rapid rate (something in the area of 100 wpm). The Num lock with come off causing my cursor to bounce all over the screen and then it will come back on, always in the most inconvenient column so I overwrite something that I've just done and because I'm looking at the paper that I'm copying and not the screen I don't see it until I'm 10-20 lines on and the damage is done.

I've tried switching to a new keyboard, I have no way of knowing if this one is actually any better as I just swiped it off a co-worker.

I'm using Win 2000 NT and MS Access 97.

Any help would be appreciated!

~ K.
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(no subject)

can you find an item on ebay after the bidding for it has ended? i am pretty sure that nobody bid on the item I wanted, so I was hoping I could ask the owner to re-open bidding, but I don't know who it was.
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(no subject)

Can anyone think of any famous Canadians in history or recent? I have a social project and I can't think of any, except that woman who did those "For Better Or For Worse" comics, but I can't remember her name :/

(no subject)

Okay, can someone explain to me why people get worked up when someone adds them to their list and they don't want them to? If you don't want to add them, don't. If you don't want their name to show up on your list, hide the friends of bit. The world will not collapse if a troll-like person adds you and screws up your perfect friends/friends of ratio. And why the hell do people think this is something to send to LJ Abuse?

(no subject)

does it bother you when people use the word "gay" as a negative implication? as in in place of "stupid" or something.

do you think its a problem?

do you do it?

do you feel that since you personally have no problem with homosexuals its ok for you to use stereotypically derogatory gay-terms?
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(no subject)

What do you think goes through Madonna's (or whatever random high-profile celeb's) mind when she walks out on stage to talk about another musician, and she has to stand there and listen to applause for five minutes?

How hot or cold is your water when you take a shower?

I usually make the water the hottest possible- which kills and dries out my skin, but its worth it. :)

When is "Sweeps Week"?

I think its this week, because on the WB they're having all of these 'big' television- On Everwood Madison and Ephram do it, and then some weird things with Smallville and Angel. But I don't know.
My eyes burn
  • pridian

Your opinion/thoughts

This is for a People and Politics assignment...

What is your opinion/thoughts on:

Wesley Clark
Howard Dean
John Edwards
John Kerry
Dennis Kucinich

And if at all possible, please rank (1 being the one you would vote for) Also please state if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

If you don't know someone, then that's perfectly fine. I just need a response to each person :)
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(no subject)

i'm looking at humidifiers on ebay, my new addiction.
what size might i need? my bedroom is about 10 x 12 with 10 ft ceilings
and if you have some insight, such as, "oh this brand is awkward to fill, noisy, inefficient" that would be dandy.
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Bitch Slap
  • amsa

(no subject)

OK, so today my chorus teacher was talking about how there is this kind of mental game that sports teams usually do to make them better atheletes. For example, for a whole practice, imagine that they are making every shot they throw and they end up making most of their shots when they actually do play.
Now my question is, is there a book or something I can get that tells people who sing to do something similar to be a better musician? And can anyone tell me what this kind of mental imagery is called?
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