February 8th, 2004


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1) Who/what is "cthulhu"? I tried doing a google search, but I only came up with things based on it/him/her, not a description . . . or title . . .

2) Why can some people move muscles that others can't? (i.e.: raising an eyebrow, wagging your ears, twisting your tongue, etc.)

3) Do you find the word "panties" disgusting?

4) Do you (and the people around you) call female teachers "Mrs./Miss _______" or "Ms. ______?
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Lactose Intolerance

Can you develop lactose intolerance as an adult or is it something you are born with?

What happened wtih me is I used to drink A LOT of milk. I mean, I could go through a whole gallon in a day myself. Got yelled at by my mom for wasting milk I drank so much. For a good while, I drank almost none... glass here or there, but not more than three or four a week.

Last two times I drank any sizable amount, I get incredibly severe phlegm buildup, to the point were I'm not coughing it up but vomiting it up.

This most recent time, I wasn't sick in any other fashion, so I'm really suspecting its the milk that causes it.

So, is it just my system got unused to milk and thats why it gives me problems now, or could I have developed some sort of lactose intolerance recently?(I'm 26 if that matters). Just need to know if I have to ease back to drinking cow milk(rather than just start drinking it like I used to) or shift to something like soy milk.
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sorry for all the crossposts

I want to make a journal just to display my black and white photography...I have two usernames that are currently unused. Which of these two usernames sound better for such a journal?

shatterd_dream or serenesilence

don't go by the layouts or userpic because I can change those to fit...but which name has a more artistic, black and white photography feel to it?
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questions, of course!

These questions, or at least topics, have been recently posted to therealsugshady and tucson, so if you're in the 0.01% of people who read either, you'll already have read these questions and can move on freely. Everyone else, though, stay and answer. :-P

Do any of you have satellite service? If so, what service? What kind of equipment do you use- what's good and what's bad? How satisfied are you? If you had this service but cancelled it, why? Since I live in Arizona, rainy days and clouds aren't very prevalent.

Have any of you tried Cox Communication's digital telephone service? I've only heard of one person who did, and they got charged something absurd like $40 a month for very basic service. Qwest has a $25 a month plan with three free service add-ons, but hey, they're Qwest.

I've been trying on bridal dresses on lately, but only at one store. My mother pointed out that all of the dresses were missing beads, dirty, or both. I was told that alterations to these dresses would cost $150-200 including rebeading. Now I can't recall if that included rebeading the sides and other areas that don't need to be altered... I was also told that I would have to take the dress to a dry cleaner and pay my own money to have it spot-cleaned (but it couldn't be pressed or it would lose beads.) I have a coupon for 20% off an in-stock dress, so if I bought a $900 dress, it would only cost me about $720 plus alterations, beading, cleaning, etc. But I don't know if a) it would be better to order a dress, pay the full amount that the dress is worth, and wait the 4-5 months to have a mostly clean, missing very few beads dress; or b) suck it up and get something in-stock, getting my discount but paying to have it rebeaded and altered and cleaned. Is it really common procedure for a bridal shop to have dirty and slightly worn dresses?
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we complain about people being fake,
and we complain about people being depressing and emo.

so make up your minds, which is worse?
fake happy vs really pathetic?

and whats your favorite song from Evita?
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Anyone know who the doorman on the new Pink video is?
Does anyone know where I could get my hands on photo’s of Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) when he was blond - college/journalism years?