February 6th, 2004

Hula Stitch

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To the Guys:

Have you ever offered to let a girl wear your jacket who you weren't interested in? Or is it usually only offered to girls you like?

To the Girls:

Has a guy ever offered or insisted you wear his jacket that wasn't romantically interested in you?

Just curious.
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Riddle me this, Batman...

I recently recieved a swank new work laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600) to replace my also swank old work laptop (IBM ThinkPad A30p). On my old laptop, there was a bunch of music for when I was traveling, or what have you.

In an effort to comply with the policies I helped put in effect, now I'm trying to ensure that there is nothing but legal music on my laptop. So I was careful to only copy over the stuff from my iTunes Music folder, the copies of all my CD's that I've ripped and stuff I've purchased/won on the Music Store.

However, there is one track on there that doesn't fit in either category. It's a Paul Oakenfold "Essential Mix", specifically the one from the Rojam in Shanghai China (possibly Oakie's best - wonderful track). Now, since this was originally broadcast on the BBC.. and never was put on a CD or any other copyrighted material, does it still adhere to the laws that the RIAA is so vehemently enforcing?

My Gut feeling is no, and even if it did - it's outside the scope of the RIAA. I know this kind of thing has been challenged before, live recordings, and it has been upheld that it's up to the artist to enforce.

Anyone else have any views?


what are some REALLY cheap purchases you're REALLY proud of? (this excludes free things. cuz that's not a purchase.)

- my senior ball dress was a jessica mcclintock, $35.
- i once got 3 pairs of 49 cent fleece gloves from the gap outlet.
- too many 50 cent shirts from thrift stores to count
I'm smiling through the TEARS


Pantsnskirt is not culottes - it's when a girl wears a pair of ordinary pants under an ordinary skirt. Two separate wardrobe items, one fashion decision. So my question is are people doing this elsewhere? Or only in SF?

electric boogaloo

Okay, I give up. Some aspects of pop culture you either experience or need explained.

So does somebody want to explain to me the origin of the suffix "a go-go"? I know there must have been something that started it, but I can't figure out what! *g*
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I was taking a test today and while I was half-way through the essay questions, which I was having a bitch of a time answering, when I heard somebody laughing and I look up and realize that the prof. and the TA are snickering at the answers on the tests that people had already turned in. I know I was already pissy because I was having a hard enough time answering the questions in the first place, but would anyone else be extremly pissed off by that?
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leave your turntable on

mmm, crayons.

What was the biggest box of crayons you had as a child? I remember asking for the 96 box for Christmas when I was about eight, and I loved it.

And I clipped my big toenail too short--how long will it take to grow back?
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Paw pring

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Do you ever sit there while someone is talking to you and really only here the peanuts teacher coming out of there mouth?

Not that you imagine it but that is really what is you are hearing, and you know that if someone offered you a million dollars you couldn't tell you what the person just said.
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i just realized that i do this sometimes and i was wondering if anyone else does:

when you come to thequestionclub, do you go back to the last question you've read, even if it's like the previous 40, or do you read just whats on the first page?

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is there any way i can get out of going to the gynecologist, and still be put on birth control?

im going on it for regulation/cramp purposes, if that helps at all...?

(we're talking the stuff of panic attacks here... i really dont think i can go through with the exam.
and really, thanks in advance but telling me "its really not a big deal" isnt going to help.)
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I realized earlier today that I had a total of six music-playing programs on my computer, and not much disk space, so I decided to uninstall one of the programs I didn't really use. Somehow, it uninstalled my audio driver as well. This is not an area of my expertise at all, so what can I do here? Do I download something, or do I have to but something new? My computer won't give me any information on my sound card since it says it doesn't exist, when I know it does, so that's no help...I'm running Windows 98 2nd ed, and this is a built computer so I have no customer support line to call. We're trying to track down the guy who built it, but that was over a year ago and he's moved since then. Anyone have any odea what I should do here?

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1) Who first came up with the Lunar Calender? The Mayan or the Chinese?

2) Beside from Japanese Internment camps and Jewish Internment camps, what other internment camps existed? In which country?