February 4th, 2004

dream interpretation

so, i went to 7-11 last night and bought 2 candy bars. then, i went to bed and dreamt that i was walkin through boston and i came across 2 homeless dudes one of which said something to me. then, with one quick movement, he reached into the pocket where i was holding the candy bars and took one. i was starting to argue with him that i wanted it back, but then i decided he might have a gun on him and that i should walk away. all you dream interpreters out there...any ideas on what my dream might mean?
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does anyone know a link where i can find the full english lyrics of the nazi anthem whose chorus goes, "the future belongs to me"?

i just heard it in "cabaret," and i'm curious.

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This is x posted from my journal.

A Japanese friend of mine recently got married. This was a total surprise to me; the first I heard about it was when she sent me a Christmas card and enclosed a photo of herself and her new husband. Actually, you know what? I'm going to post the photo, because there is something really oddly appealing and slightly absurd (in a good way) about her new husband. Collapse )

So, anyway, I heard that she'd got married, and I hadn't sent her a gift, and she had sent us loads of lovely tacky Japanese stuff when we got married, so after some thought, I decided to send her some flowers, which was quite a thrill for me because it was a new way to use the internet for something that would have been much harder to do before it came along.

All well and good - the flowers arrived; I'd left it up to the Japanese florist to choose the exact arrangement, and she went for pink roses, which were highly suitable; I received an email from Yuko to thank me.

With an English friend, that would have been the end of it. You receive flowers; you express your thanks.

But I'd forgotten about the Japanese tradition that when you receive a present, you give one back. A parcel arrived in the post today, containing a bag, a purse, and a handkerchief. Now what? Am I meant to give something back again? Am I locked in a never-ending battle of the gifts? And is giving a present a major inconvenience in Japan, obligating the recipient?

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For those of you who speak fluent Spanish...

I go to a high school with quite a few Mexican students. In one of my classes, there's a group of Mexican guys who almost always speak Spanish. I keep hearing this word they say, and they use it quite often. I'm not sure on the spelling, but the pronunciation sounds like "PIN-chee". I asked a friend about it, but he wasn't sure, and said it was probably slang.

Anyone know?
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Does anyone here know (A) how I'd go about adding a custom toolbar to Internet Explorer (v5.something), or (B) a community better suited to answer question A?

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does anyone know where i could find a good website to summarize and clearly explain the "mahabharata" and the "bhagavad gita"???
I have a religions of the east class and my teacher is a bit fuzzy on her explaining (she tends to go off topic often) and the text book is not very good at explaining it either!
thanks in advance!!
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if there was a presidential candidate that agreed with you on all the major political issues, but was a muslim, would you vote for him? what is he was an atheist?
this question was asked in my religions class. roughly half answered yes to the muslim and a third said yes to the atheist. i was fine with both. a catholic said that he would feel uncomfortable having a national leader who 'didn't answer to a higher power.' the many baptists were in agreement. the rest of us squawked that just because we were of non-christian or non-religious background doesn't mean that we are lacking morals. as another student put it, 'we have OURSELVES to answer to when we go home. there's no confession to make our sins all better.'

what do you say?
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For my Mythology class, we have to write a mid-term paper on a myth that we're not studying in class (we're studying mostly Greek, Roman, and Native American myths). we need to choose a myth, analyze it, and then explain how it pertains to their culture (what it says about them, their fears, their ideals, etc).

any ideas of a good one? I was thinking of doing some type of African or Eskimo myth, but I thought if anyone knew of some interesting ones I could research them. thanks for any input!
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What is your view on religion and/or God? Why do you feel this way?
what is your personal stance on religion, are you religious? Do you believe in God, and what led you to these beliefs?

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does anyone know of a place where i could find out someone's birthday if i knew their full name and the place of birth, but not the hospital or anything? preferably a website, i don't have time to go to the city hall or anything.
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