February 3rd, 2004


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Is there anyone who hasn't done nude or fetish modeling at some point in their lives?
Every tom, dick and Harry seems to have done fetish or nude modeling at some point, it's getting ever so passé, almost makes me ashamed of it.

What is the strangest fetish you have ever heard of or experienced?
Again fetishes are becoming passé too, bondage and leather are now as good as vanilla, so it makes me wonder what sort of extremes one has to go to these days to have a shock worthy fetish


Why are people so freaked out about a damn boob?

In other countrys nudity is normal on TV. Here you have 1 boob on national TV and everyone is freaking out. It is all over the news and the radio ~ I guess its not like they have anything better to report.....
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my brake lights

Why won't my car's brake lights go off when I turn my car off? It's done that a couple times before, but hadn't done it in quite awhile, and now it's started it again.

So now my car won't even start because the brake lights have run the battery down.

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you walk into someone's dorm room after not having seen her for 4 days. you are holding a sandwich. when the person sees you, she shouts, "FOOD!" not your name, not "hi," but "FOOD!"

are you offended? do you find this rude, or do you think nothing of it?
brian justin street dance

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does anyone know where I can find a link to the law, or about the law that states that women may legally go topless in New York? It needs to be on some sort of a state- or federal- based site, if possible. i'm having a hell of a time finding it and i need it to prove that i am the one in the right in a particular argument.

Melted ice water

Does anyone else think that ice that has melted tastes funny? My partner always gives me a hard time because I won't drink water that had ice in it that melted. It's not just something in my freezer, unless that's just the way it is with all freezers everywhere, as I've always felt this way.