February 2nd, 2004

Random thinkage

Are you afraid of homeless people? Some people I know have said this, and I had to wonder why.

A secondary question: if, in ten years, you were walking down a street and saw an old friend sitting on the curb and obviously down on his/her luck, would you stop to at least say hello?
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Sex and legal related questions

If you were stupid enough to have unprotected sex with someone and they later said they were HIV+ (either just in passing or out of spite during an argument) would you be able to take legal action if you;
a. were tested and turned out negative
b. were tested and turned out positive
I'm fairly certain that there must be something you can do if they have had unprotected sex with you knowing they were HIV+, but would you yourself have a case if you were stupid enough not to use protection?
Would it be a case of you suing them, or would it be the police taking action against them?
What would happen to that person if they were found guilty?
If they had lied about being HIV+ would there be anything you could do about it or would it simply be a case of knowing better next time and let them get away with such a horrific lie?
What about if you had used a condom but it had split (either accidentally or through misuse on your/your partners part), however you had still been unaware of your partner's condition - could you then take legal action against them for not telling you that they were HIV+?
Can you take legal action if you are a women and you have sex with man, him telling you he is using a condom/using a condom correctly and you fall pregnant?
Can you take legal action if you are a man and you have sex with a women, her telling you that she is using the pill/using the pill correctly and she falls pregnant?
Is there a difference between becoming HIV+ because of someone else's lies and unwanted pregnancy because of someone else's lies in terms of the law, if the law covers such things, where or why is there difference?

(no subject)

Is there anything going wrong with Yahoo! That I don’t know about?
My mail is still permanently deleting 90% of what should be going into the trash folder, and when reading messages in my inbox it suddenly after a certain length of time goes back to the front page by itself.
Yahoo! IM seems to be getting spam actually within messages. Talking away with a friend the other day and all of a sudden there was a big message which neither of us sent talking about something along the lines of porn or something similar. Yahoo! IM also isn't going to my mailbox when I click the mail alerts.
Anyone else had this? Is it just Yahoo! being it's usual crappy self?

Industrial Revolution

I'm writing a lesson plan. My students (grade 11) will be doing a research assignment in pairs where they can choose one example of a cultural form (literature, music, drama, art, religion, philosophy, science, etc.) from the Industrial Revolution. I have to give students starting off points so they don't get totally off on the wrong track. So, here's what I want to know:

What is the cultural period that comes between the Enlightenment and the Romantic era, during the Industrial Revolution (1750 - 1850)? Is it the Victorian era? And what characterizes it? I would deduce that it would be pretty utilitarian... but, I need to know exactly what it was all about. Would you happen to have any useful websites?

I'd like to start a lesson by playing a song that is a really good characterization of the period. Something that screams out "Industrial Revolution"! The intent is to draw in the students' attention and spur their own creativity.

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::sniffle:: It was a good purse...

My purse just died and I really don't have the cash to buy another one, but I need SOMETHING to use until Friday when I get paid.

Any creative ideas? I know creative ideas must exist! If it involves spending $5 or less I can probably use that much cash.
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brian justin street dance

(no subject)

When selling one's car privately, how does one go about handling test drives? I'd like to think I'm not completely helpless, but I'm not nuts about getting into the car with a complete stranger, even for a few blocks. I'm also not crazy about the idea of turning my keys over to a stranger so they can take the drive by themselves, so do I like... hold onto their own car keys till they come back? How's that work exactly?

Also, if I have a year's worth of payments left on my car and I sell it, does the buyer somehow take over my payments? Or do I just find out what the payoff is from the bank that finances my car and try to get at least that much for it?

I've never sold a car before, obviously.
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Paw pring

April 15th is getting closer

If you work off the books for someone, if you report your income to the IRS will it screw them over?
How can you screw someone over that is doing illegal tax things?

My boss pays us all off the books and still has the girl that I replaced on his empoloyment tax forms. Won't that screw her up? Who can I report this too?

Also on the subject of my hated job:
Does anyone know the laws for smoking in the work place, we are only 5 people, and his mother in law works her and chain smokes in her office, There are no windows, and by the end of the day I am dizzy and sick from the smoke.

Also we are a food supplier, shouldn't the warehouse guys not be allowed to smoke, wear gloves and at least follow some rules?

I think alot of the rules are different cause we are a small company and we dont do alot of fresh foods it's dry spices but I would really love to know how many laws he breaks ever day.
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A couple of questions

Q1: Has anyone ever made furniture out of Legos? I'm thinking of making a coffee table for the den, I wonder what worked best to permanently bond the Legos.

Q2: How do you do the duct tape trick that gets rid of warts on the bottom of your foot. I get that one needs to put tape over the wart, but do you change it daily? What about when you shower? How long of a duration do you keep it on?
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(no subject)

Is there anyway to agrue your way out of overdraft charges?

I know they're my own fault for not properly balancing my checkbook, but I never recieved anything from them in the mail about any of them, (I got 8 in the past month, thats $240!!)

(no subject)

I'm going to be meeting up with an old friend from high school in 6 weeks.
What's the best and quickest way to get good looking butt, thighs and abs? I'm not fat nor chubby, but I'm very self conscious. I just want make what I do have look a little better, and fast.


(no subject)

so really, why are the masses drawn to such crap music that they play over and over and over on the radio and TV? most of they lyrics are either meaningless or superficial, and the 'music' that they play is not real talent most of the time.

i know i'm making generalizations, and im all for self expression and i do realize that everyone likes different things, but i really would like to know why people would prefer to listen to some pre packaged nonsense over raw pure emotion and talent.
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Administrative Notice

I'm sorry to come off as a fascist, but people asking "LJ-related" questions are becoming a problem.

Please refrain from asking how to do LJ-related things in this community. The LJ FAQ more than likely has the answer to any LJ-related question. If not LJ Support would be the appropriate place to ask.


Now that that bit of nastiness is done with, what is your favourite computer game?
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What songs should I add to this mix?

So, I'm making a "Happy Bouncy" mix CD for myself. The only real criteria is that the songs be the kind where, if you're listening to music while puttering around the house, and that song comes on, you have to stop everything and pogo around like a complete geek.

Here's what I have so far (yeah, it's a weird, freaky list--so sue me *grin*). I need more. What would you add to this list?

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(no subject)

Major problem. When my girlfriend's computer tries to boot, it just reads the following error:

'system disk or disk error
lace and strike any key when ready'

Press a key and it just repeats over and over. This just came out of nowhere. Anyone know what this might be? Thanks
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