February 1st, 2004

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How do I make a link to a specific part of another webpage? Like, if the information I want them to see is halfway down the page, how do I make it so the page is scrolled down for them when they link there?

I tried to find this in the "ask a question" section of LJ, but couldn't find the answer.
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Web site help

What can I do to get a website of mine found on search engines? I tried to search for the same type stuff my site has, and I seriously found my LJ, yet never found my site. >_
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so, what's the deal with good and bad cholesterol?

I once heard from a high school teacher that the heart (? I think it was the heart) is the only producer of "good" cholesterol, and that it wasn't found in foods.

is this true? also, my boyfriend's sister-in-law was trying to tell us that eggs have good cholesterol in them, and that they're "okay" to eat regularly. I don't buy that.

so, who knows lots about cholesterol? can you tell me anything about the two types?

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I have a bunch of coins that I would like to exchange for bills... My bank has no branches, so I can't take them there... I understand that Coinstar charges 8% and that other banks do the same... is there any way to get my coins exchanged for bills without having to pay?
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Can anyone explain football to me or direct me to a site that does it in a way I won't get horribly confused?
I've tried having my guy friends explain but I'm always lost about 15 seconds in to it.. =\
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in microsoft excel, how do i adjust the increments by which the axes are labelled? i want each tick mark to represent 15, instead of 1, since i took data every 15 seconds in my lab.

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a guy seems to like you. he's not the brightest, often you'll say things that go right over his head. you've even tried to tell him nicely to go away but he didn't get that either and is still talking to you. you're awfully cold to him because frankly, you're not very interested. but he's always been nice, and proven himself to be either determined or... almost loyal. he really does seem to like you... and even though he has little to offer in the way of personality, he offers what little he has.
do you ...remain cold and maybe even be a bitch and tell him off because he's annoying, or
take what you can get and accept his friendship, even though you think he's awfully bland?