January 31st, 2004


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When you give blood is it normal to feel the needle or feel pain?
If yes how long untill the pain stops?
I finally went and donated blood for the first time today, they stoped short of a full bag as the blood stopped flowing and it was hurting too much, they seemed pretty concerned, that was 6 hours ago now and it still hurts. I do have trouble giving blood, it seems to be a family problem, so I was expecting some trouble, but is this going to happen everytime I donate?

Also, do you think it is strange for someone who wants to donate blood to not want to donate organs when they die?
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I don't understand how people could NOT donate organs after they've died.

Can some of you who apparently think it's okay to refuse to donate your organs after death explain your logic? Why is it okay to not let your death bring life and/or sight to others?

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Thanks for all your lovies and support people, but mrflagg and I are cool, lol. We bantered back and forth a bit, and now he wants to marry me, hahaha :-P

But anyways onto the questions.

1- Inspired by his post . . . . what are your feelings on GLBT(etc) sexualities, and relations? (and hey, please don't debate this anyone, but please respect others opinions. I'm just curious, and I think we all know where I stand on this, BUT differences are what makes the world go round and be less boring =)

2- Where are you from (as in, what nationality are you, and all that good stuff)?
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tax software

Have you used any of the tax software that's out there? I've heard mixed things about TurboTax and medium good things about the other one whose name I have evidently forgotten.

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I have a question about writing programs + paint programs. I need a really good program that I can create new layouts on. Like Paint Shop Pro. But not that one, because my trial ran out. Also, I need a good program I can use to work on my poetry. Right now, I'm using my notepad :(

Thank you :)
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does anyone have a list (or know where I could find a list) of good and bad vegetables to feed dogs?

I know some vegetables are bad for dogs to eat, but others (like carrots) make a good snack. thanks for any input.
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Manky old sofa

Does anyone know roughly how much it costs to have a sofa reupholstered? We have a sturdy sofa bed that only cost about £250 when I bought it 9 years ago. It is still in good shape structurally, but its fabric is really past its best: ripped, faded and stained from the time our cat was ill and coughed up his guts every ten minutes or so. I hate to throw anything away, and I have the feeling that even if I donated it to a charity shop, they'd refuse it because of its looks.

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Here are some random questions, feel free to respond to any or all:

How old were you when you first got drunk?

What's the best concert you've ever been to and why?

When was your first real kiss?

Do the sounds people make while eating bother you?
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It's my friends b-day today. He's a guy, and horny and now he's 18 and he can buy his own porn. What should I get him that i can pick up real quick at like Target or Walmart or someplace cheap?
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gettin' crafty

I went to buy a glue gun today at Hobby Lobby only to find that there are two different types, "hot melt" and "cool melt." What is the difference? Would one or the other be best to use on metal?
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what's the best way to remove false eyelashes?

i got bored and put them on and did a stupid webcam photoshoot tonight and i used a lot of adhesive and now i'm wondering if i'll be able to get them off.

**edit: nevermind. they came off without a problem. now i just have to get the adhesive off my eyelids.