January 30th, 2004


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Does anyone know any sites that explain how UK government works, specificaly how to get your voice heard by government on?
I don't mind if it's a kids site, hell a kids site might be better to understand.
For UK residents, how do you go about voicing your concerns about an issue to the government, what sort of issues can be brought up, who do you contact your local MP or the PM, is there any point?
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I have this creepy new obsession with the idea that I'm going to die in my sleep of carbon monoxide poisoning. And since it's in the single digits outside, sleeping with the window even partially open isn't much of an option.. So:

how accurate are CO detectors?
how expensive are they?
does anyone recommend a specific brand/model?
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The past few days I have had this major thing with opening my jaw and quickly chomping my teeth together hard. It's like obsessive, and I do it w/o even realizing it. Does anyone have any ideas on why? I mean, might there be some underlying psychological reason, or did I just do it once and start a bad habit?
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I have a coupon from Mervyn's that allows me to take 10% off anything I buy that day, using my new Mervyn's card. That sounds ok, except I have no idea where I put it. Think they'd just take my phone number and get the number that way and bill it to my account indirectly, or will they be sticklers for details and not value the coupon unless I have card handy?
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IP Trace

How do I trace an IP address to a specific person for free? At the very least, to trace it to someone recognizable that's been fucking around with me?

These are the IPs of the offending messages:

All I know thus far is the IPs originated in Virginia, from an AOL provider. I need more info though.

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For Sociology, my teacher wants me to do a small experiment. She wants us to go out of the Norm--in other words, do something out of ordinary everyday acceptable behavior and document the reactions from people/the person.

Any suggestions that would not put me in a too compromising position and would enable me or a friend to jot down their reaction?
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I have to do a project for my history class in power point. I downloaded a bunch of fonts previously, so if I put them on my power point when I go to show it at school will the fonts show up, or will they be reverted to default because they aren't on the school computer?
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Buying play scripts

I need to buy two full play scripts for a theatre class. I would think that I would save money buying them online, so I've been looking. Amazon.com has them, but I think they are actually selling the books, not the scripts.

Incidently, the two plays are Arms and the Man by Bernard Shaw and Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn. Does anyone know where I can buy them online?