January 29th, 2004


clean glasses...

anyone found a better way to clean your glasses? The ones you wear to see better, not the containers you drink stuff from! :)

The cloth they gave me in the glass case leaves behind plenty of lint, including shirts and blouses! :(

Help...cause the world looks dusty to me all the time and it's no fun!


In regard to sunscreen, what is PABA? It seems like most sunscreens say they're PABA-free, but I saw one the other day at a natural food store that had PABA as the active ingredient...
leave your turntable on

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I'm looking for a cheap vacation deal to Hawaii or the Bahamas because in the summer, my mom wants to take me on a trip to celebrate my graduating. I'd love to go to either of those places, but what are some other good vacation spots? (I thought about going to Puerto Rico.) And are there any cheap or reduced travel deals for going there?
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Does anyone else have a boss that is just a B^tch? Mine is good at her job, but she is rude, over demanding, snotty and snide. She's always preaching about being "a professional", but how professional is it really to insult your employees?

If I stand up to her and tell her that I dn't appreciate her talking to me like I'm an idiot, or putting words in my mouth, can she legally fire me for that?I know if I told her what I feel she's fire me for having a "bad attitude", but is that legal?

Should I just talk back to her and see what happens?

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I tried asking this somewhere else once, but I'll try asking you guys:

Do you eat for taste, or for texture? I can't eat dried apricots, for example, because they way they feel in my mouth freaks me out.
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Paw pring

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My greif and loss teacher in high school asked me this question and I still can't come up with a logical answer.

Over the course of a lifetime do you think everyone suffers the same amount of hear ache or do you think some people suffer more than others?
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In the winter, I will always feel cold but I will be sweating a lot, more than I do in the summer. I use secret platinum pretection anti-perspirant, but by noon, I'm dripping in sweat. Are there any solutions to this? Do I have to keep a spare deoderant in my locker? I don't think it has an odor, but its embarrasing to be sweaty all the time.
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instagram, me

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Does anyone find that when they meet their friends in real life, they have already posted all their best thoughts and anecdotes on Live Journal, and their friends have already read them, so they have nothing left to say?

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So know of any (good) video players for Windows that can play videos backwards (yeah I want to watch The Scientest with all the stuff happening in regular motion, even if the song won't be like that), in fast motion, and in slow motion? DivX Player, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player don't seem to be able to do such things. Well Quicktime can do the slow and fast things, but only in the Mac OS and only the MPEG format.

And for good measure: any such things for Mac OS X 10.1?
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what are the best love song lyrics?

do you have a favorite romance novel? if so, what is it?

how many boyfriends have you had?

what's your favorite romance movie?

if you're still in high school: who are you going to prom with?

if you've graduated already: who did you go to prom with?
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