January 28th, 2004


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i'm preetty sure it was in this community...

who had the brand new icon that said something to the effect of "paid to make girls shiver"?

it was a picture from the sick transit gloria... glory fades video
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Opinions, please!

I've an interview this afternoon at the local Library. Do I wear my black sweater, long skirt and black flats or my black sweater, brown pants and black boots?

Update: Thanks. The skirt won. Froze my tuchas off, but at least I looked serious. All the librarian ladies were wearing pants.

Of course, they already had the job.

missing search bar

How do I retrieve the toolbar where I can type in a webpage name and it pops up?

This is annoying, everytime I have to look up something, I have to put in an address I have to use a search engine first to find it, and the toolbar is not there.

Also, it keeps disappearing for no good reason. Why?
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My non-LJ enlightened friend has a job interview. She has to give a presentation answering the following question:

Is equality treating people the same, or differently?

Any thoughts?

Any good links for info on conceptions of equal opportunities?

Help is remotely appreciated.
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I hate it when people end their post with "oh well", when there is no real reason to end it with "oh well."

Like posting:

I went to Disney World this summer, and it was great. I wish I were there now. Oh well.


Why did she wear that to the wedding? It was too small for her! Oh well.

It's like they can't think of a good way to end the post (as if a period doesn't suffice).

What irritates you about how people post?
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Harry Potterness

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I noticed something about the Mirror of Erised. First of all, Erised backwards is Desire. Secondly, the phrase inscribed above the mirror, Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi is backwards for "I show not your face, but your heart's desire."

Are there any other cute secrets like this in the HP series that can easily be overlooked? What are they?
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random//my dumb face


Is anyone else really looking forward to the Garfield movie for some reason? I'm mean I'm very well aware it could (and probably will) suck, but I still want to see it. XD

Edit! Garfieldmovie.com has a trailer up. Not too thrilled with Odie but I'm still excited like the little dork I am.
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cherry trees

Gag birthday gifts?

What do you guys think of gag gifts and "over the hill"-type stuff for office birthdays? My department head is turning 40 next week, and some of my coworkers are really into the idea of black balloons and cake plates that say "over the hill" and all that.

I think that stuff is tacky. I'll go along with whatever they want because I don't care enough to make a scene, but I'm wondering if I'm right, or if I'm just being a fuddy-duddy. (Entirely possible.)
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going without a coat in the middle of winter

I'm going to a school dance on Saturday night. I live in New Jersey, and we've been having horrible freezing weather, lots of snow.
My mom says I HAVE to wear a coat. But I don't know.. do most girls wear coats to dances in the winter time? I've never been to one before, so I'm clueless, but I just think I'll look dumb with a big, bulky coat covering up my fancy dress.
But maybe everyone wears coats, so then I'll look ridiculous in a strapless dress if I don't wear a coat.
What do you think?

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i just made a new journal. when livejournal sent me the little welcome letter, i deleted it. because hey, i already have a journal. im an ol pro, what can they tell me i dont already know? wrooong attitude. i needed to open it to confirm my address. hooow can i get me another letter?

why the heck do poptarts have to be packaged in pairs?! serving size: 1 pastry. i only eat one, and then the other goes stale and has to be thrown out. not fair, not fair!
i guess its genius for the kellogs people, you have to buy more cuz you throw 1/2 the product out, and they spend less on wrapping.
but still!
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did you ever wonder if it's cheaper to buy summer clothes like shorts and tank tops in florida than it does in colder places like new york, wisconsin, minn. etc?

and even vice versa?

I was watching hockey, and florida has the panthers, but I wonder if it costed the guys more to buy winter clothes like turtle necks or something to practice in...

or how about the hockey game attendees, they need to keep warm since they're not moving much.
Bitch Slap
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neeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww member!

People seem to get so irked about certain things. Like curse words. Who decided what word would be considered "bad"? and why did they chose those specific words? ALSO, why is it ok for certain products to use words in a certain way for selling their merchandise? (example: helluva good dip)

How can we get our money back?

I host my website with Endore.com. Never had any problems, 100 up time, loved them. They answered my emails, very good company. Until a few weeks ago. My website was hacked and I emailed them and did not recieve a response. And my husband decided to switch to Endore since I had such great service with them. It aws all set, he paypaled payment (out of his bank account) and they said they'd contact him in 24 hours. They never did. its been a week. He has emailed them every day since then and has never gotten a response.

a) does anyone know what is going on with them?
b) can someone reccomend a new host? Something cheap comparable to Endore - 45 dollars a year for 500mb on an apache service, complete with php, and all kinds of great features
c) (most importantly) does my husband have any way to get his 45 dollars back???

My site is still up and has not experienced any down time. I can still get into the control panel for my site, but their main page is down. If my site is still up in March, at that time I'll obviously transfer. (that is when my domain and server space expire)
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in your opinion, are you more of a math/logic/numbers person, or a english/verbal/words person?

me--> math/logic/numbers

just out of curiosity, what were you doing last night (tuesday january 27) at 11 o'clock?