January 26th, 2004


what do you do?

I find myself home alone for the next few days. Although I have work to get done, I find myself feeling lonely all of a sudden (I just returned from a trip abroad visiting many family and friends). So the lack of people in the house is getting me down... and it got me wondering...

What do you guys do if you find yourself home alone? Or what would you do if you found yourself home alone?
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Can anyone remember a few years ago there was a site, it was a site for desktop toys it had a few different desktop fairy lights, a few different toys like a snotty thumb that smudged everything on your screen and a rubber which rubbed out things on your screen etc. it had some other toys too which I can’t quite remember.
Does anyone remember this site and know if it is still around?
Anyone know of a similar site - especially one with those annoying desktop fairy lights?


Okay, so I've never had any kind of sexual contact with anybody, and I don't really mess around down there, and yet I have this weird painful bump/sore thing, that goes away and comes back. I don't know why.
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Ohhh relaxation

I was thinking about getting a massage but I am not crazy about getting naked for strangers, Does anyone know If you really do get naked or can I keep my clothes on??
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I'm trying to remember the name of this comic. Every panel in the comic had the same clipart, and only the text was different. It's not Red Meat, but it's similar to it. I remember reading it on the web. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Reverse zoophilia?

If I were sexually attracted to a fish, that would be zoophilia. But, if said fish were sexually attracted to me, what would that be called?

Theres an intermittently running joke with a friend where her fish wants me... I just want another word to add to the fun.

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When I have sent mail to Taiwan in the past, I have to fill out extra paperwork detailing every item that I am sending. So I thought that that must be just the general policy for shipping packages to foreign countries. Today, though, I sent out mail to Finland, and I was not required to do all that crazy paperwork.

Are there special post office procedures for certain countries? Does Taiwan require incoming mail to have all that stuff???
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You know how everyone has a blindspot in each eye, but our brains just fill it in for us?

Have you ever heard of someone being aware of their blindspot, and not having any other eye prolems at all, just their brain doesn't fill it in?
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i got these oranges from my local farmer's market. it's small . . . like a tennis ball, but squashed flat a little. the peel comes off really easily. is this a tangerine or a mandarin?

and while we're on the subject, what's your favorite fruit from the citrus family?

right now, this mystery mini-orange is mine :)

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A local station is running a list of school closings right now... one of the entries is "The Greek Festival Bukkake". (If you're in Omaha, it's on KPTM, and it's listed under T, not G.)

Someone help me out... is there some definition of "bukkake" other than the pornographic one?

If not, do you think the station knows what they're advertising?

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Why is it that when I access certain webpages, I hear a little sound byte of an electric shock noise? It used to never happen, but now, about every 5th site I visit, there it is, bzzzzt!

Nothing is wrong with my computer and I've done virus scans since I'm paranoid about viruses. So why all the sudden am I hearing this sound byte?
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House-buying laws

We are in the process of trying to buy a flat. We went to view one flat and the estate agent told me that it had an offer on it. When I asked if the offer had met the asking price, he told me he wasn't allowed to say.
Friends in other parts of the UK have said that this isn't true, but it does ring a faint bell from when I bought last time and actually read up on every stage of the process.
Does anyone know if he was right (we live in England)?