January 25th, 2004


Happy Chinese New Year...

Last night i went out to dinner at a chinese resturant & they were celebrating the Chinese New Year.
My Mom interacted with the waiters and waitresses a lot.
One of men asked me if i recieved a "lucky dollar" for the "(Chinese)New Year.
I said "no" and he came back with a lil red packet...
I think it has something to do with "Hong Bao"
...cause that's what the card in the lil packet said...
and there was also a DOLLAR in inside.
Cool stuff...
what exactly am i supposed to do?
Just hold on to it and home for some good luck?
Paw pring


Is it possible to have love at first sight with someone you met once, or are you just in love with the fantasy of what you think it could be?

I met a guy while I was on vacation and he seemed perfect. The first words he said to me were so something that someone who has known me for years would say as a joke. He was serious. "have you seen my big bald friend?" I think big bald guys are hot (don't laugh) I call him once a week and the time on the phone with him is the best time of my week. I think he is my destiny. Which makes me feel like a little kid. Like I am living a fantasy. So is it love at first sight or am I making it what I want it in my head??
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(no subject)

do you write 'private' livejournal entries? not 'friends only' or 'certain friends only', but straight up 'i'm the only one who can look at this unless someone has figured out my password' entries.

i have.
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Cat Question

Does anybody else have a cat that loves Olive Juice? Whenever I've got a jar open, my cat is climbing all over me to lick it off my fingers, the spoon, the lid, anything that has some of the juice on it.
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(no subject)

Are there any good ways to hide a visisble tatoo? I really want to get celtic knot work on the top edge of my ear, but the problem is I am going to be a teacher, and teachers need to look professional. Which means no visible tatoos, or piercings on anything other than your ears. It also means I have to have my hair tied back from my face so I couldn't hide it that way.

Since it would be fairly small I was hoping I could use cover up to hide it, so I tried drawing a tatoo on my skin and then masking it with cover up and it didn't too well. Can anyone recomend some make up that would work?
Latex house paint maybe? ;-D
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(no subject)

Does anyone know about the laws of libel in reference to the Internet?

This conversation grew in reply to my trying to find out more about the company who would be managing our block, should a house sale go through. I have just given my strong opinion on a certain notorious company, and now wonder if they could actually sue (that's if they could find out who I am - it is anonymous. I'm not worried; I'm just curious). I stand by every word, mind you.

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Mars photographs

What are the issues relating to taking photographs on the surface of Mars, like the Spirit Rover is? I don't know anything about space, really, but I'm wondering if there are considerations about light - does the robot have to wait for sunlight, and how much does Mars get, if any? Are these actually photos as we know them? And HOW is the information 'beamed' back? By satellite? How long does it take?
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me being a good expat and smoking a cuba

(no subject)

What are some pop/rap songs that have samples of Classical music in them?
heres what I have

Nas - Hate Me Now (Carmina Burana)
Alicia Keys track one of her first CD (I forget, I think its Fur Elise)
Vitamin C - Graduation (Pacabel Canon)

any else? its important.
brian justin street dance

(no subject)

What does everyone think about this?
Blackmail? Guilt-tripping? Major invasion of privacy?

and while we're at it, for anyone who's worn braces for a long time, then after a while their teeth shifted again, then had to get braces again -- how long does that take, to restraighten them?

Chinese Newyear

I keep hearing about Chinese Newyear and I've been wondering what goes on during this time? Like how do the Chinese celebrate and what are some of the traditions?
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New Business

I'm starting a new business (an online store) and my partner and I can't quite afford a lawyer to draft up the papers and stuff needed to open a business account at a local bank. I heard that there are websites that give instructions and/or kits that allow people to draft up the papers they need on their own. I'm fine with doing it myself if it comes down to it, so all I really need is instructions and maybe some guidance. Do any of you know where I can find sites/books like this?
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When I cook I use alot of garlic, and by alot I mean a ton. However my tupperware and plastic pancake flippers (I have non-stick pans) now reak of garlic. Any ideas?