January 24th, 2004

Hula Stitch

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Have you ever met anyone who you thought was pretty much perfect (at least for you) in every way? I mean, of course, as a romantic interest. I don't mean love at first sight, I don't think that really can exist, to me that's more like "lust at first sight," but "knowing at first sight" that this could be someone you could love and who could love you? Someone you think is like the coolest person you've ever met and thinks you are the coolest person they ever met?

Stupid wording, but you get my gist I'm sure.

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A friend of mine has lupus, but disability fell through. Can anyone recommend something that you know for certain she can do for a living from home? Something that actually produces a half decent living? Thanks in advance!
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What's a good (read: interesting, not beneficial) obsession for a character to have?

I was thinking feet, but I'd rather it be less sexual. And I'd rather it be something uncommon, not like an obsession with a celebrity or something.

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does anybody know a site that lets you upload short movie clips that you shot with a digital camera(hopefully free)? I tried regular sites that host pictures but either they don't accept ".mov" files or the file size is way too big!

thanks to anyone who helps!
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TV probs

This is a x post from hardware

When we got married a while back, a friend gave us his Hitachi TV as a wedding gift. It was fine at first - until we went off on honeymoon and left the flat in the care of my parents. Not sure what they did, but knowing my father I suspect it may have involved pushing every button on the remote control simultaneously, probably accompanied by a similar action on the television's controls. Anyway, on our return, the tv had this fault: after a random amount of time, ranging between a milisecond and fifteen minutes after switching on, the tv switches itself off. For a while it was ok while we were watching DVDs and videos, but now the same thing happens then, too. Just before it does this, the picture's vertical hold goes all askew. Expert techie opinion please: do we need to dump the TV or get it repaired? By the way we are also running an ntl cable internet and tv set-top box as part of the system. As you can no doubt tell, neither of us is at all technically-minded so please explain in words of one syllable if possible.

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Damn the angst...

I was thinking about Spiderman, and a thought struck me.

Why do superheroes have such crappy love lives? Are there any mainstream or underdog (not porn and amateur) heroes that don't deal with sexual angst and have a steady S.O. with no problems? And if there was an angst-free hero, would you still be as interested in the rest of the heroic part?


can anybody help or relate??
how do you deal with unresolved feelings about the girl
or person your ex cheated on you with ...espi if this person knew what they were doing and didnt care,espi if this person is still wanting to be with in the circle of friends??? still wants to hang out with your ex?? or wanted to while you were still with them before you two broke up?? and you and your ex are trying to remain friends as well?

i dunno....i just dont feel i can trust her at all...**i know i cant just blame her it takes two to do this**
so much bs happened btw all of us....all the he said she said bs and the lying and rumors i mean i get upset
even when i hear her name or hear her voice...its not often
but still i want to rid myself of this i dont want to think
of this...=( i dont want to get upset when i even see a car that looks like hers...its gotten this upsetting..cause then i find myself thinking about everything that i dont want to think about anymore about the situation between me him and her and her ex...blahhhh....and then i just get pissed off and heartbroken.....
*sighs* like i said i have unresolved issues with her before that never gotten resolved i had not spoken to her since sept of last year about everything...

i fell deeply in love with him....i still am...
i dunno.........im lost.
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My eyes begin to water sooooo much when it's cold out. It looks like I'm crying (then of course the tears turn into ice and freeze on my cheek, lol). Anyone else do this? Is there really any reason for it?

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A friend of mine wanted me to ask this question to the group:

How many times have you been proposed to, as in, matrimony? Were you dating them at the time and if so, how long were you dating them?

just two quick questions...

hi i'm new, i joined just so i could get the opinion of other people who i've never met, because for some reason i trust people's views that i don't know more than that of people's views i know...anyway onto the questions..i have two, i hope that's all right...

what is my purpose in life? well to be less selfish, what is anyone's purpose in life?

some people ask "why are we here, if we have no purpose in life?" so in all honesty we either have a purpose or don't. if you think no one has a purpose then why are we here?

[*sidenote: this has nothing to do with suicide, or anything like that, just a question that's crossed my mind tonight and i'd really apreciate your view on this]

thanks in advance
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Why do some people eat their boogers? Is it that it tastes good? Even if it does taste good, I can't imagine being able to eat crusty or mucousy stuff out of one of my orifices. Any ideas or explanations how people get started doing this and how they justify it to themselves?
Note: I'm not trying to be judgmental about it for those who do it, but I really can't understand it.