January 23rd, 2004


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Does anyone else have moments?
You know where your just in a slapstick moment or when your in a big band/musical moment and go prancing and kicking down the stairs in a glamorous way while singing song tunes at the top of your lungs. Ah, if only life were more like a musical.

How many milliseconds are in a second?
Maybe a stupid question but I’m thinking either 100 or 24, I can’t really be sure, how the hell do you measure a millisecond anyway?
glasses by "maladroitkat" (c)kurt halsey

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what is it like to live in Canada? how about England? has anyone lived in either of these countries, as well as the U.S.? can you offer good comparisons about what it's like, and the pros/cons of each country? thanks so much!

edit: to clarify... I'm curious about how the people are, the government (and how they control things) in particular, costs of living, how much you like where you live, etc. And as far as where, I wasn't thinking any place in particular, but for Canada I'm wondering more about southern Canada, and places near larger cities.

suck it up

Can anyone recommend a vacuum cleaner? I need something fast, probably not too much money, but one that works.

If it helps any, the variables it's up against are a five year old, and a mom with very long hair (probably the demise of our Shark Cordless...)

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Going on a conversation elsewhere - how are animals killed for kosher meat?
As far as I was aware it must be done by slitting the animals’ throat it should be a swift, smooth cut of a sharp knife. However some places I have seen talk about letting the animal bleed to death - I’m fairly certain that when Shehitah is performed the animal must be killed, that the meat from animals that are allowed to die on their own is seen as unfit for consumption. Am I wrong in thinking that?

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My aunt is recovering from cancer and a broken hip, and she said a lot of her medicine has the phrase "erothrombin time" on it. Does anyone have the slightest idea what this could be? I checked google and got nothing.