January 22nd, 2004

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when you first come into a warm home from a really cold day, what is your favorite thing to do?

i love spooning my dog. warms me up, and who doesn't miss their dog after a day out of the house?

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Does anyone know where to get Dita photos other than Dita's sweetshop?
I really want a photo from the store for my boyfriends valentines gift (partly for myself too), signed and kissed, however it will cost twice as much after shipping (to the UK) which is going to be too much.

Am I Crazy????

My boyfriend of 4yrs is invited to a HUGE televised awards shows as a rep for the band he sings with and his "date" is with a (chick) member of another band who works w/ my boyfriend's band all the time. the band wants them to go together to "represent" the right way and to show up at all the main parties afterwards. This other chick has a boyfriend as well. my boyfriend says there's absolutely nothing for me to worry about and has always been trustworthy. however, I am bummed about this on two counts...one is this saying that I'm not 'good looking' enough to be his date? and two this awards show happens to fall on our anniversary.

My question is: would any of you be offended or worried about this situation or am I just off my rocker?
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Paw pring

Girly Questio

Has anyone ever gotten back an abnormal pap smear?

The nurse from my gyno office just called and said it came back with a little something on it. I don't know what that means.
Anything to set my mind at peace would help.
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African slave trade

When America was involved with the African slave trade, were other countries also involved? For example, did England (or any other country) also purchase slaves from Africa and use them in their country around the same time America was? Has there been civil rights battles within other countries for decendants of those slaves?
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