January 21st, 2004

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gas leak?

My oven seems to be leaking gas. Okay, well no, it really is. It stinks.

It was working earlier, and then when we tried to use it it wouldn't heat up, but it stunk up the kitchen. Since then it's been off, but the smell isn't going away.

How do we make it stop? Should we light it? We can't figure out how to light it.
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Ghost Ship vs. Suicide Circle

For all of you who have seen both Ghost Ship (American horror movie) and Suicide Circle (Japanese horror movie), which has the better opening?

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Of course if you don't like a good bit of gore, you wouldn't like either. (My icon is from Suicide Circle.)
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hard question

okay here's the situation. My husband's friend (girl) came down from Canada a few weeks ago.... I just found out that they slept together. He told me.. and said "It just sort of happened" he also claims he loves her (claims he loves me too) we have twin boys together that will be two in April. I don't know what I should do. We are seeking couseling already. But How can I be sure he won't do this again? I mean if he loves her how can I be sure I will be enough in the years to come? They have been friends for six years... would it be wrong of me to ask him to stop talking to her or would it just drive him to talk to her behind my back?
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Ok I have a few questions...

#1. Does anyone ever dream about plane crashes / dieing in a plane crash? If so what do you think it means?

Lately I have been having dreams about plane crashes... The other night I had 2 in a row! The first dream I had me and my sister watched a plane crash near our house... I woke up and fell back asleep... In the second dream I was on a cell phone telling my sister the dream I had just had and just as she was telling me not to worry that planes are really safe if you don't fly you will never be able to go anywhere.... along comes a small plane flying overhead and it crashed....

I have not flown allot, But I have flown to Italy, Germany, California and Florida (Italy and Germany being like 14 hour flights) I have never been really scared... but these dreams lately have got me a little freaked out ( I know that sounds silly)

Can anyone relate?

Thanks :)
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stupid bandwagon

what kind of stuff do you think people like/dislike just to get on the bandwagon? they don't know much about it, but they see other people like/dislike it, so they just join them?

i think bush-bashers, martha stewart-bashers, and arnold schwarzenegger-bashers are up there on that list. if you don't like them for some of their work, fine. (it's totally legit to say something like, "one of martha's recipes yielded a cookie that was too crunchy, so i don't like her as a chef." or "i don't like what gov. schwarzenegger did about the mexican driver's lisences." or "i don't support bush because the new law he passed makes it harder for teachers to get money." or something. that's fine. but i think it's so stupid to repeat all the cliche jokes just because everyone else does. do some research before you condemn a person!

incidentally, lame, cliche jokes include: bush making english slip-ups, bush looking like a monkey, martha decorating a jail cell, etc . . .


Tanning: to those of you who tan to look better, how do you reconcile the fact that, yes, being tan makes you look good now, but in the longrun it will make you wrinkle faster and give you blotchy skin?

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Has anyone signed up for an online survey and actually made money from it? It all looks to me like one big scam to get your personal information for them to sell.

And has anyone got paid doing drug testing for a company like Parke-Davis?

I'm obviously looking into the 'money without much work involved' opportunities. I just sent an e-mail to someone here in Michigan that claims they'll pay $250.00 if you let them put their business ad on the side of your car.

Stupid Questions

1. A medical group studying weight gain wants to use you as a test subject. You have to gain at least 200 pounds. You'll be financially compensated. What's the very minimum you'd accept for such a demand?

2. If you could be a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours, what things would you do?

3. This one isn't stupid. They always lower the bar when testing women firefighter candidates. They have to carry less weight in less time and so forth, just to remove any sexist labels in employing workers. If women firefighters are allowed to be accepted despite the fact that they on average carry about 50lbs less than that of men and are generally not as strong, do you think that they should be accepted as firepersons? Just imagine that you're in a burning house and are too weak to climb down the stairs or ladder yourself.
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ice Cream

How much milk would it take to make a cubic mile of ice cream?

If you could somehow get cubic mile of ice cream mix into place all at once in Antarctica, how long would it take to freeze? (give your assumptions)

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I'm about to go for lunch, but not sure where to. Give me a hand here. The choices are
1. McDonalds
2. Pizza joint
3. Subways
4. Taco Bell
5. Quiznos
6. Grab a snack at AM/PM

If you were in my shoes, what sounds most appetizing to you?

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my mom told me about this news article she read about something going on in los altos, california: a woman raised a golden retriever since he was a puppy. he is now 2 years old. the puppy got away one day, without his collar on, so the pound picked him up. every time the woman went to the pound to see if he was there, her dog just happened to be out getting vaccinations. the shelter workers let her walk through the cages, but her dog wasn't there the first 3 times she checked. finally, the 4th time, her dog WAS there, but the dog had been adopted a few hours earlier! the woman called the new legal owner, explaining the situation, and the man refused to let the woman have it because it was a birthday present for his 10-year-old daughter. the woman even offered to buy back the dog for a large sum of money, or even buy back the dog AND buy him a new dog to give to the girl. he still refused. the girl has already met the dog and likes him very much. the original owner has hired a lawyer, and there are pictures of her in the courtroom, with her eyes all red from crying.

what do you think of this?
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Discussing politics with family

I seriously dislike Bush, I think he's the worst president in quite some time. I do have my reasons, but thats not what this post is about.

The problem is my family is made up of, to be polite, rabid Bush fans. I'd like to approach them and try to counter that, show them why Bush is bad. How can I best bring up that subject while minimizing the risk of it becoming a massive flame fest and having relatives stop speaking to each other? Obviously I'd stick to the issues, rather than wild eyed "Bush is teh d3\/|1!" statements, but my family is pretty damn hardcore republican.

I want them to at least think about their vote, and if they really think that what Bush is doing is worth it, then they can vote knowing the full story.


How do I totally disable Windows Messenger, and add MSN without having them both on here? I've gone into the add/remove windows components and unchecked the box, and I've removed my passport and disabled it from starting up automatically when windows starts. But, whenever I go onto the Internet, it still automatically runs, and MSN starts up too and it logs MSN off and windows messenger goes on too. It's really annoying... so do any of you know how to get rid of it?
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I wanted to let everyone know that my hubby an I will be starting councelling soon and he has agreed to cut back talking to her till we have more trust in our relationship :-)
I am very happy about this!
Anyway 4 a question... any one have tips on potty training boys?
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Empty wallet and mind

I have a double birthday party coming up (grumble) and have to buy two gifts for two of my friends. Any ideas of cheap yet thoughtful gifts to get/make? I would be willing to make things as long as they could be done in less than two days.
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