January 20th, 2004

  • libram

Interested in Law

I've been really interested in going into law as of late. I'm an upper sophomore in an honors college, so I still have time to switch majors to pre-law if needed, but I've been told that pre-law is really useless when it comes to law school, and you can become a lawyer with any BA behind you. Is this true? If so, how should I prep myself in the years I have left of college? What should I look out for, or get involved with? I'm new to the whole idea, but I do wanna be a judge someday. =)
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Paw pring


If a guy has had a vasectomy but then desides he still wants children. Is there a way for the woman to get pregnant thru artifical insemination. Can they just harvest the sprem thru a long needle or something or does he have to go thru a reversal?
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(no subject)

You know all the security color codes? For instance, the country is on Orange Alert right now, which is a state of increased security measures and all that, and Red Alert is the steepest. What are all the colors and what does each one mean exactly?
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(no subject)

I am really wondering who is going to vote for bush? i havent met one person who is going to vote for him but i am still saying he is going to win.
please, i would like to hear of someone who is going to vote for him. anonymously
  • daff

Cats and allergies

I like cats, my partner is dying to get one, but I'm allergic to cat fur. My eyes get very red and itchy, and my nose runs constantly

Anyone know how we could get a cat without me going through daily torture? I don’t want to get allergy medicine because that would mean I’d have to pop pills or something for the cat’s whole life, plus I don’t think it would work.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the advice, everyone was so helpful. Not sure what I'm going to do yet.
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My first question

I've just been lurking and commenting so far, haven't posted anything yet... but I must say, I think this community is great! It's nice to have a group where you can talk about a wide variety of things, from hair-care to politics.

QUESTION: Do you have a set sleep schedule? If so, what time to you sleep/wake up? If you don't have a set sleep schedule, is it hard for you to go to bed or wake up at specific times?

I really have a difficult time setting a sleep schedule, myself, although I hear it's better for you physically and emotionally if you do so. This semester, my classes start at the same time every day, which helps a little, but I still have trouble making myself go to bed at a time that will allow me to get 8 hours a night... and then I push the snooze button over and over in the morning.

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why does this Collapse ) come up when i try to scan something? also, the scanner light blinks 6 times then goes dark... blink,dark,repeat -- nonstop. why? why does it do this? it's connected properly, and used to scan just fine. sometimes if we unplug it for a week or so, it will work a few times then do this crap again. any help with this is greatly appreciated. thanks.

(no subject)

what kind of embarassing hobbies do you partake in, besides livejournal (haha!). but the good kind of embarassment, like, your close friends jokingly tease you about it, and you laugh at yourself about it.

chess and crocheting are up there. they make me feel unique and quirky.
cookie monster

(no subject)

when's the last time you kissed your mom?

it's been about 3 weeks since i've last seen her, but i think when i left home at the end of christmas vacation, we kissed.
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(no subject)

does anyone know how to disable the automatic capitalization and spell check on Microsoft Word?

i.e. i am trying to make a verb table for my german class and everytime i type the verb by itself it becomes capitalized automatically and i need it to be lower case... i have tried to figure it out but i am a bit dumb with microsoft...
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  • cowpie

Just Curious...

Ok... Say a girl gets pregnant accidentally & decides to put the baby up for adoption rather than getting an abortion... If the father of the baby had cancer @ a young age does it effect the adoption process???
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random//my dumb face

Weird silly sex question. ^_^

Follow this question closely, yes it makes sense:

If you could have a threesome with one celebrity in two of their roles (or looks, if they're a non-actor celebrity), who would it be.

Example: If a person were to say Johnny Depp they could say "Johnny Depp in From Hell and Benny and Joon"

(note: I haven't decided my answer, but as much as I love Johnny Depp, he's not it.)
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  • mrrrowr

lj question. blech. sorry

how do you make it so that the icons on your friends page don't get overlapped by photos? ... is there a way to make it auto adjust or set a top margin on that page? i use generator.
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random//my dumb face

Last one, I promise

ANOTHER question by me (slighly spaced), one which makes me out to be some sort of horrible person, but really I'm not:

I used to keep a webcam, and even though I did nothing particular interesting I would get TONS of e-mails from guys being quite perverted and stupid. I eventually made a journal where I would post their e-mails, contact info and pictures if they sent it. (And I got more pictures of penises than I can count. Discusting, and they deserve to be laughed at.)

Well my webcam won't work with Windows XP, but I was thinking about posting my picture or something somewhere to see what responses I'd get. Any ideas?

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By the way, I refuse to attempt to join rating communities. To me those are just dumb, I don't want someone else saying I'm pretty enough to tell other people they're not as pretty as me. Besides... I wouldn't get in. XD
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File System Redundancy?

Recently I lost a large amount of data on a hard disk due to a FAT corruption caused by user error on my part. The most frustrating aspect of 'losing' my data was that the data was not really lost at all. 90% of the data i had on the disk was still perfectly fine and could have been 'recovered' using a recovery program.

I say 'recovered' with quotes because recovery programs do not have much to work with when a FAT is destroyed on a disk system, which basically means all filenames for files have been lost. In a fat-corruption situation a recovery program can scan a disk and recover files by detecting file headers on the disk where the files are actually written. Unfortunatly said headers do not contain the actual filename of the file in question. Typically these headers are packed with pointers all over the disk to parts of the file and other usefull information such as the filesize, but not the FILENAME (as far as i can tell). There are several obvious reasons for not including filename redundancy across a disk, but frankly i would be willing to sacrifice a marginal amount of performance/space on my system to accomodate filename redundancy across my disks.

The drive I lost due to FAT-Curruption was a NTFS partition under windows 2000. Are there other file systems out there that DO use such filename reduncancy across a disk? I realize there are other solutions out there like RAID, etc, but this 'poor-man's hack' to data recovery through redundancy seems to me to be a good idea.

Certainly i am not the first human to consider this idea, does this exist in other OS' file systems, or perhaps even in newer versions of NTFS?
It's All Good
  • shippo

Simpsons Question

In the episode of the Simpsons where Marge is sent to jail for shoplifting, the city has a bake sale to raise money to buy a statue of President Lincoln.  Since Marge wasn't able to sell her baked goods, they were unable to buy a statue of Lincoln, and had to settle for something "more affordable": a statue of Jimmy Carter with a plaque that read "Malaise Forever."

Why does the plaque read "Malaise Forever"?
  • kit_n


I know everyone has some sort of talent... But I can't seem to find mine. I've tried various things, crafts, sports etc, and I just don't seem to be good at anything! How can I find my talent?
  • lee17

two questions...

i once stumbled across a website where you could plug in a word and it would send you back a list saying what the different "definitions" were according to various websites around. for example, if you plugged in "god" it could bring back a list that went:

god is dead
god is love
god is an awesome god


now, i just can't seem to remember where that neat website is. does anyone here know what or where i'm talking about? if so, a link would be muchly appreciated. :) i don't know quite how to search for this through google, so i thought i'd ask.

second question, just for fun...what does everyone think of valentine's day? love it, hate it, indifferent? why? (i know this is a little early, but i was arguing about it with my friend today...)

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  • j2p5k8

(no subject)

I want to hear the best bull shitted answer to one of these:

Where do the names of the elements come from (e.g. Helium, Hydrogen)?
Why did King Henry VIII have 8 wives?
Why do hotdogs come in packages of 10 but, hotdog rolls come in packages of 8?
Where does the number e come from?
How did the invention of the belt come about?

(I gave a bunch of questions on different disciplines so that you may harness your bull shitting skills to their fullest. I wanna hear good answers!)