January 19th, 2004

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What's worse.....

.......remembering a really sweet memory that has a tendency to make you sad???

.......or realizing that you are totally forgetting it??

For the Curly Haired Girls.....

Hello! I have a question that I hope you can answer! It's best for my schedule if I shower at night before bed, but sleeping on wet or damp hair leaves my curls frizzy and deformed. I really don't want to have to blow it dry ever night, since it looks best when air dried. I've tried spraying it with water in the morning, mousee, hairspray, "refresher" spray, but nothing helps. Any suggestions? Thanks!
cherry trees

Family planning question

How many children do you want, and how far apart in age would you like them to be? Is this similar to or different from the family you grew up in?

Assume that your partner agrees with you, and you have the financial/emotional resources needed to have however many kids you want.

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cookie monster

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what do you like in your chili, and what do you like to eat it with?

i love CHUNKY chili that's not too spicy. big chunks of beef, tomatoes, and white beans, and i like to eat it either in a sourdough bread bowl or with a LOT of corn bread.

oooooooooooh i LOVE chili!

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I am applying for a job that requires what seems like experience with Acrobat Professional. I have experience with Acrobat Standard, but not the former. I have every confidence that I can do the job and learn the program, easily. But, if I happen to get called for an interview and they ask me if I have experience with Acrobat Professional, what is the best way to word it so that they know I can easily learn it and not sounding like I am saying "I can't prove it, but just trust me"?

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Which areas of Colorado are mountainy (I'm sorry, there has to be a better word for that) but still relatively warm in the summer?

Can anybody tell me about where they live in Colorado?

I'm looking for lots of open space, proximitey (spelled that wrong, I'm sure) to moutains, and absolutely no suburbia. Am I looking in the wrong state?
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Has anyone seen those American Singles ad with the fake chatroom box and the woman? She has really greasy hair, no makeup, and looks miserable. Why would they put her face up for their ad?
  • sinnysw

recording question

I'm looking at setting up a little bit of home recording equipment. Nothing fancy, just a small mini-disc recorder with a decent microphone so that I can record myself practicing/performing flute and listen to it. The problem is, I have no idea where to start with looking for both the MD recorder and the microphone.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to the different types of md recorders, and microphones to buy? I've got a combined budget of about $200-300 and I would really like a good set of equipments.

please help!