January 18th, 2004


If you exist, then help me!

I had various essays to write for module assesments and organised them into order of both deadline, and motivation. It turned out that my latest deadline was also for the essay which I believed would be fun, and easy. I've never been so wrong about something, possibly, in all my life. The module is a study of philosophy through film. The essay is based on the film The Usual Suspects. And from here on in, I need to cut in case you haven't seen the film. I warn you for your own benefit: If you have not seen this film then go and watch it, now if possible, then come back and read this afterwards. Most of the time I wouldn't worry about spoilers on something that has been out for so long, but in this case I make exception. Anyway, for those who have... Collapse )
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Browsers that only want to save images as BMP

I know this has been asked before, possibly several times, but I can't find it.

My browser wants to save images as BMP's, and now refuses to save them as JPG or GIF. It used to be fine a few days ago, but now it just gets upset. Does anyone know how to fix this so I can save images as JPGs?
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Ok every time I try to save a picture it shows up as ART or bitmap instead of GIF or JPG like always and it won't save. It just started doing this yesterday. And I want to save pictures and I don't know why this is happening or how the hell to fix it. Anyone wanna help?
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what if the feminist movement never happen?

LJ user, CROWNOFSPOONS said this:
***I think that the shift toward equality was and continues to be inevitable, and would have been and still be so sans the aforementioned movement. One could argue that the movement accellerated the change, but one could also argue that it caused reactance, atavism. So who knows?***
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i don't know much about mormonism. why do they tend to have a lot of kids? is it mandated in the religion, encouraged, or is it just coincidental that the mormons i've met come from really big families? also, the mormons i know are really wealthy. is that just coincidental, too? i know there is mandatory tithing of 10%, so that explains why the church would be wealthy-- does it carry over to the congregation?
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I have a problem with hair dye. Each time I try to dye my hair, three or four days later the dye washes out totally, no matter the permanence. My hair is thick and wavy, and also breaks easily.
What is the proper way to "prep" hair before dying it? I've been told everything from getting it trimmed to not washing it for a week beforehand.
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Is there a word you don't believe in?

It sounds weird, I know.

So far, I only have two words that I don't believe in anymore.

Soul - look up the definition at dictionary.com the first three definitions have the word 'human' in each of them. And if that's the only way soul can be defined and I think that's wrong, why should I believe in it?

Sorry - this actually started earlier this week. I was in class and we were getting our desks back in rows after a project and a person next to me slammed their desk into my foot and apparently they didn't noticed because they didn't say anything. I waited for a bit for her to say "sorry" but then I got to thinking what does it matter? She wouldn't mean it. It's just like bumping into a stranger. I personally don't care how other people see me so if I bump into them, I don't say I'm sorry because if I don't know them, chances are I never will. So really minor stuff, people only say sorry for social acceptance and not the actual definition. Why would they feel bad for a person they don't know? As for major things that really hurt people. Why ask for forgiveness for blind passion? You can never take back blind passion! Don't apologize because it's already said and done. The person could say "It's ok" or something like that, but they won't mean it. They'll brood over it and hold a grudge against you until they're too tired to do it anymore.

So really, what's the point of sorry?
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Two Questions

1. Have you read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Sallinger? if so, what were your thoughts on it?

2. If you like someone, do you tell them or keep it to yourself until they make a move?
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just a quick question...

i hope i don't sound horribly vain :op

One night, I was taking nude pictures of myself and as I was looking at them afterwards... well I got horny. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I'm wondering if i'm the only one ::blushes::

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ok...really strange/weird/freaky post, but here it goes:
what are some alternatives to burial/cremation? i just watched this forensics special on tv, and they showed this body being prepared for burial & it just totally freaked me out...i'm claustrophobic anyway & can't imagine my body being in this box, or burned....i know that when you're dead you're dead, but i also don't like all the environmental problems caused by cremation & burial...
i know this sounds weird, but i've always wanted to know if it would be possible for my body just to be laid out in the middle of nowhere & just left there....i think this might be possible if i owned something like 500 acres and my body was left there...but is there any other way?
sorry for the rambling & thanks for any & all help....