January 16th, 2004

Hula Stitch

3 Relationship Questions - your opinion, please!

1. How long since you've been in a love relationship, if you're not in one now? Do you feel it's been too long?

2. How much age difference do you think is okay?
a. For the Older Man/Younger Woman - how many years is okay?
b. For the Older Woman/Younger Man - how many years is okay?

3. What is your opinion of basic attraction reasons between a man and a woman. I mean on a really basic level. Not 'she reminds you of her mother and you have unresolved issues, hencely and therefore, you are attracted to women who bring up these issues you need to resolve'...

I'm thinking, hmm, more like - molecular vibrations that resonate at similar levels that strike chords, creating a draw towards one another. Or souls that know each other from a past life. Or? Fate? Meant to be? Chance?
Why is one person attracted to someone who isn't attracted to them if it has something to do with energy/vibrational kind of stuff?

Just curious what you think. Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. Or too much empty space in my brain cells.

Sick for a week now, home for the last 4 days. What is the saying, something about idle hands creating the devil's work?
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avacado seed

Has anyone been successful getting an avacado seed to sprout and grow?

What methods did you use?

I have heard of the toothpick and cup method, but that has never been successful for me.
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Question #2 from me.

I had two or three more questions, but since I've forgotten them, this will do.

Where can I find an image (of decent size and quality) of the Dark Mark (y'know, the mark given to Death Eaters in the Harry Potter series)?

Opinions, please.

What do you guys think of people who post introductory posts? Specifically, when they put pictures of themselves in the post? Do you think it's an attention-whore-ish thing to do or is there a legitimate purpose to them?

(Not including rating communities and places like that where pictures are required or whatnot).
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birthday pic


I've tried to find scholarly sites about it, failed. All new age stuff and wild claims of technology past what we have now- nothing that looks like an objective review of evidence in favor and against it. So does anyone know of any good, scholarly sites?

Ideally I'd like at least two to start with, one scholarly in favor of Atlantis having existed, one scholarly against. I'm not into raving religious idiots which is all I've found so far.
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I have this rash on the back of my knee that sorta just appeared out of nowhere. . It's REALLY deep red and blotchy. It might be eczema ... but there are several reasons to believe it's not eczema. For one, it appeared overnight ... and for eczema to become THAT red takes at least a few days. Secondly it doesn't feel really 'dry' and it doesn't itch too badly. I thought it might be ringworm since the center of it looks like normal skin. But it goes back in fourth. Sometimes the center is normal and other times it's red. It's not an allergic reaction (clothes, soap etc) or a chemical splash of sorts. What could this rash be??
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get fuzzy! [crystal_blitz]

The Sims.

So a week or two ago, I was playing the Sims. I have two expansion packs- Livin' Large and House Party. I was looking through my neighborhoods, and neighborhoods 6-8 all said, "I suppose you want me to unlock the neighborhood files" or blah blah something like that. I clicked "no", and then my computer froze. After restarting my computer, I went back into the game. After the little clip, it went to that blue screen, like it always does, where it says, "Forming Splines" or whatever. After this, it kicks me out of the game and I'm back at my desktop. It kept doing it that night, so I just stop trying to play. Tonight its still kicking me out after that blue screen. Whats the problem and how do I fix it?
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leave your turntable on

(no subject)

What TV show, if any, do you feel got unfairly cancelled?

My picks: Clone High (hil-freaking-larious), Flash Forward (I wish I found out if the main characters stayed together in high school), and Now and Again. (it left you with a cliffhanger, which pissed me off) There's probably more shows, but I can't remember them now.
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Three questions about commenting

When you comment to an LJ post and there are already other comments, do you read them first?

What if it's a question in a community (possibly a question with just a few "right" answers), and the answer you would give may have already been posted?

When people comment to a post and it's obvious that they didn't read the other comments, do you think they look dumb?